Friday, October 2, 2015

Beverage Plus Foods changes policy about FHS students at break

John Kalinowski, an employee at Beverage Plus Foods in Fortuna, had a few things to say about the new rule involving students. He says that they did not have enough employees at the time of the high schools break to be able to watch all the students that would come into the store at that time. They don’t do as many transactions in a day because of that rule so they are losing a little amount of money.
He said, “I like it better this way because now the store is easier to handle and keep an eye on everything.” He stated that there had been a few incidents involving theft during that time of day, so that’s when they decided to make the rule that the high schoolers were not allowed there during their break. He personally did not mind the high schoolers coming into purchase things at break. Of course, it was hard to watch them but after the theft it was the best thing for their store.
Alejandro O. a student that went to beverage at break. He said that he did not like the new rule that beverage said that the students of Fortuna High couldn’t go and buy snacks and drinks during break. Alejandro would normally go to Beverage Plus Foods once in awhile. Alejandro reacted to this new rule surprised. He also said that the students of Fortuna High were furious about the new rule and he said that the only way Beverage Plus Foods gets money is because of the high school students. Alejandro O. would normally buy some gum and get some kind of drink during break.   
Senior Lisandro likes long walks on the beach, hanging out with friends, and he really enjoys playing soccer.

Senior Kendall likes hanging out with her friends, watching sunsets, and she really loves the color purple.

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  1. Good. Hated the long lines. Also wonder why they all went there, to divert attention away by bring large numbers in a given area, then take whatever and pick up some gum and buy it, meanwhile having their pockets full. Stupid kids