Friday, October 2, 2015

Modes of Writing students write Internet content

In Amy Conley’s room in CA-8, 2nd period is the Modes of Writing class that teaches kids how to write correct internet content. When she first wrote up the class, she was excited, but as she got to teach the class, she came to love allowing her students to choose what they read and write about. “Any topic can be academic,” Conley had said in an interview,”if you go deeper into it.”

Conley believes that the Modes class students do well and that they also end up reading and writing every day. Layla D., a student in the Modes class, talks about how it’s not like other English classes because it focuses more on reading and writing which are her passions.  She likes the teacher because she says she is a bit awkward, is really nerdy, and nurturing towards her students.

Some difficulties some students face in the Modes of Writing class are the assignments. They write articles, they have blog assignments, and learn about the different writing styles and genres of literature. Melina C. had said “a lot is always going on so it feels like a bunch of classes mixed together.”

After taking a poll in class, 16 students out of 21 said that they would not switch out of the Modes class. Some because they need the English credit, some because they enjoy Conley’s Modes of Writing class.

Catrina R. enjoys Modes of Writing.

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