Friday, October 30, 2015

Gogh big or Gogh home

Art teachers Daniel Holmes and Kirsten Escalante are teaming up and forming the perfect art duo in the new class being offered, The World of Art. The combination of art, ceramics, and photo allows student to get an overall understanding what it means to be an artist. New projects and higher expectations are aimed towards the class members, but they’re handling it with ease.

Inspired by real artists, the students are exceeding in this new class. Holmes is thrilled about the progress the group has made, “So far, so good. The students are finding things they enjoy that they wouldn't have discovered otherwise.” Things are going well even though some of the class members are hesitant to try new things.

However, Holmes and Escalante aren't giving up hope. So far the students have gone above and beyond. The class is accepting the new curriculum, and they are looking forward to future projects.

Melina, a junior, likes the show Supernatural.

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