Thursday, December 3, 2015

Life is the most important gift

It's the month of gift giving, and also getting gifts. Anyone 16 and up, give the gift of life on December 10th. Donate blood and possibly save a life save a life. Just go to the office and sign a time slot. Also, if your 16 get a parental form when you are at the office. Happy Holidays to everyone!

Donovan G. is a senior student who loves food.        

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Poem for Thanksgiving break from guest poet Victor/Homer

The days get short 
Nights stay longer 
The hot sun leaves 
Cold winds start 
Smell of pine needles
Cold air fill your lungs
Yaste of eggnog touching your lips
Jingle bells ringing  

Guest poet: Nanci

Thoughts of Happiness

As thought sets in and fear is apparent
And yet reality is left opaque
With clarity gone, nothing left to take
All this “happiness”, no one to show it
A word of color, a world of such joy
Why then a sight so unfamiliar?
Anxiety, despair, familiar.
Emotion and reality a toy
Fear and darkness, unknown to all the rest
The image shown, peace and together
The constant gnawing of anguish, a pest
However still, a hope for the better

Feelings of Impossible Love

A love so distant, out of reach
Sad to many, curse to each.
Confusion packed and solution sought,
Voo-doo done, guard un-caught.
Witchcraft, sorcery, lies, deceit,
Sad to many, curse to each.
A love so terrible, mind overload,

As much alike, dark magic, dark road.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Say yes to

On October 30th, all the senior students that applied to HSU attended HSU Early Acceptance day. The students attended workshops, ate lunch in the many different restaurants, and attended an interview with an answer. Some were awarded acceptance certificates and others a "we will see."

Melissa, a senior at Fortuna High School, was accepted to HSU and plans to possibly attend this next fall. At the HSU Admittance Day, Melissa said that she  “...learned a lot about different options for housing. I got to go into several students rooms and see the different room arrangement.” The housing tours were given by HSU students and to show all the dorms HSU has to offer.

HSU is a great school to attend even with it being so local. If you're considering applying, Melissa said, “Go for it, HSU is a great school.” Also applying locally can keep your wallet from breaking!

So seniors, say yes to

Molly, a senior, writes for Modes of Writing and also attended HSU Early Acceptance Day.

Fortuna High FFA shines in Opening and Closing Contest

On November 10th the Fortuna FFA chapter headed to Del Norte for the Opening and Closing, Best Informed Greenhand (BIG) and Co-Op Test. The BIG test was offered to freshmen only, coming in 3rd place was Venice D’ Amico, coming in 2nd place was Taylor Chamberlain, our BIG team got 1st place overall!

The Co-Op test was put on by the Eureka Co-Op; it was cooperative marketing test for all ages. In the opening and closing portion of the contest, Theron Dale won Outstanding Sentinel, Haley Benbow won Outstanding Reporter, and MaryBeth Dale won Outstanding Vice President. Great job to our FFA stars!

Natalie Nunez is a junior at Fortuna High who enjoys her Modes of Writing class and she also loves spending her extra time at the gym and with her friends.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Odell teaches rocket-y goodness

Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are all apart of Fortuna Union High’s new educational course S.T.E.M physics, with all of these brilliant ideas jammed into one great course, a course being taught by science and DATA teacher Mr. Errin Odell.

Odell has been teaching here at Fortuna High for 16 years, developing new courses and ideas for students who want to try something new and interesting. Having already taught physical science in the years before gives Odell the upperhand on this subject.

The projects involved in this class range from stomp rocket calculations, to creating trebuchets and learning the flight and velocity of launched objects. Since day one, Odell has taught his students with hands-on activities. Every project in this class has a goal, with a mathematical formula behind it.

Jackson, a senior, enjoys science, technology, and writing.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Why you shouldn't fear Friday the 13th

This coming friday is going to be the last Friday the 13th of this 2015 year. Friday the 13th is a day surrounded by a lot of superstition. Lots of myths and legends have come about depicting things that might happen on this date. Some of the most common are: If you cut your hair on Friday the 13th someone in your family will die, if a funeral procession passes you on Friday the 13th you will be the next to die, do not start a trip on Friday the 13th because you will encounter difficulty, if you break a mirror on friday the 13th you will have seven years of bad luck, a child born on Friday the 13th will be unlucky for life, ships setting sail on Friday the 13th will have bad luck on their voyage, and if you walk under a ladder or a black cat crosses in front of you on Friday the 13th you will have bad luck.

Some superstitions of the Friday the 13th date back to 1700 B.C. The earliest account was that the 13th law of Babylon’s Code of Hammurabi, the 13th law is omitted. Another popular superstition is that if 13 people dine together, one person will die within that year. This comes from The Last Supper  where Jesus dined with 12 apostles only to die soon after.
Studies have been done on the accident rating of Friday the 13th compared to other fridays, and it showed that there were fewer accidents and reports of theft or fire on the 13th. Due to the research this is just a myth to scare people and the day of friday the 13th, holds no precedence in what events may occur on that particular date. These facts are coming from the International Business Times article Friday the 13th.

Tristen, a senior, works on improving his grade and becoming a better writer.

Deltuna Band

The Deltuna band is back! On Friday, November 6, The Fortuna High marching band teamed up with the opposing team’s marching band from Del Norte. Audrey McCombs, a student teacher at Del Norte High and also a substitute teacher at Fortuna High, came down with the band as well; You may know her as Master Tuba!

Audrey was a long-term sub for the Fortuna High marching band last year while Dr. McClimon was on maternity leave. She has currently taken a position as a student teacher at Del Norte High for their outstanding Marching Band.

The two bands came together at around 4:00 in the afternoon on Friday where they socialized, ate a fantastic dinner together, and played music! Del Norte even marched out with the Fortuna High Marching band as well, and they followed them, to the Husky side of the field and played the National Anthem; the performance was stunning.

Also, congratulations to the Fortuna High marching band on their field show performance, conducted by Kokko F. and put together by Tara S.. The band opened up with the classic song, "What is love" by Haddaway; the second song was from the Disney classic, Frozen. They closed with an all time favorite, the Rocky Mountain theme song, "Gonna fly now."         

Layla Dias is a member of the Fortuna High marching band and she plays quads (multi-tenor drums).           

Another end is coming

All you should all know Thanksgiving is coming up, and that mean a week off of school. This also mean another grade period ends soon. So get those grades up, especially if you want to be part of any winter sport, because this grade period will affect your chances to get in a sport. So you athletes better be watching your grades, because if not, it will hurt you in the long run.

This also goes to everyone else, not just the athletes, keep those grades up. Trust me it will help.  

Donovan G. is an honest senior, who like to spend time with friends.  

Saturday, November 7, 2015

The school garden grows science

You've probably seen the school garden if you've ever ventured around the back of F Building. It's a garden that the science teachers, Sara Dixon and Pam Halstead are in charge of. All of the students in the AP Biology course get their own plot in the garden to work on.
What had been previously been planted in the garden before this year's AP Bio class started working were tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, onions, and assorted herbs such as rosemary. Claire S., a junior in the AP Bio class reported that the class has already planted an apple tree, and are in the process of planting celery, artichoke, red and yellow beets, and herbs like basil, thyme, oregano, and parsley. The class is also planning to plant winter vegetables like green beans.
When asked what her hopes for the garden were, Claire replied with, "I hope we can provide fresh herbs and veggies for the culinary arts classes and school cafeteria, and help make the student body healthier."
In response to the question of what her favorite parts of the class and garden were, Claire said that, "Gardening is one of my favorite things, so it's really cool to be able to do it as a part of a class, especially an AP class." Senior Kieran S. said, "I love our little baby sprouts and planting them, and I can't wait for them to get big!"

Codi O. is a senior in the Fortuna High Marching Band.

A Week for Thanksgiving Break

Starting November 21st Fortuna High School is on Thanksgiving Break for a week. Thanksgiving Day falls on November 26th as usual.
Drake, a student at Fortuna High had a few thoughts about the week off of school. Drake says his favorite part about Thanksgiving Break is eating a lot of green beans. His opinion on having a whole week off is that it is very exciting, and he is going to get a lot of stuff done. Drake is going to be spending that week just relaxing and hanging out with his pets, and maybe other animals too. He also spends a little amount of that week with his family.

Kendall, a senior, enjoys researching and interviewing for large stories.

Basketball tryouts begin

Frosh and Sophomores will have tryouts after school on Monday, November 9 at 3:35 in the Damon Gym. Juniors and seniors will have Varsity tryouts at 5:30 on that same Monday. If you have not played a fall sport, you MUST have an Athletic Physical and Athletic Contract in order to try out. The Varsity coach will be Mr. Rump of Fortuna High School. The Junior Varsity coach will be Mr. Miles, and the Freshman coach will be Mr. Den Ouden.

Frosh and Sophomores will have tryouts at 6:30 on Monday, November 9 in the Logan Gym. Juniors and Seniors will have their Varsity tryouts at 6:30 am on the same morning of November 9. You will also need your Athletic Physicals and Athletic Contracts signed in order to participate in the tryouts. The Varsity coach will be Mr. Benbow of Fortuna High School. The Junior Varsity coach is Patrick Gray, and the Freshman coach is Janet Harwood.


Basketball Cheer tryouts will be held on Nov. 11-13. Any questions should be taken to the office. As in the other sports you will also need your Athletic Physical done. The coach will be Gina Richardson.

Veterans Day!

Just a reminder the we have no school on Wednesday, November eleventh, due to Veterans Day.
Many people mix up Veterans Day and Memorial Day, but, in fact, Memorial Day is to honor our fallen soldiers, and Veterans Day is dedicated to ALL those who served honorably in both times of war and peace, living and otherwise. So don’t forget to thank a veteran!

Orin, a junior, plans to thank a veteran Wednesday.

Trick or raise money for children in developing countries

The Act Global class and Dumbledore’s Army club are participating in Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF.

UNICEF was created in 1946 as the “United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund” to help children after World War II. UNICEF was expanded to children in need in the developing world and is now known as the United Nations Children’s Fund.

Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF is an effort to try to raise money to help kids in need. According to their website, “Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF funds help save children’s lives in over 190 countries and territories through immunization, education, health care, nutrition, clean water and sanitation.”

Mrs. Kajtaniak, the leader of the Act Global class, said that students wanted to help raise money for UNICEF, and they are encouraging other people to help raise money.

Trick-or-Treaters took a small, orange, cardboard box with a slit in the top, giving the box the capabilities of receiving and storing money. Participators took the box and asked the candy-givers if they also wanted to donate money, along with the candy for themselves.

Other people can donate either by mail, by phone, or at a coinstar machine.

Drake, a senior, enjoys animals, music, and drinking water.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Poetry from guest writer Shalynn calms your blustery day


The winds blow softly
The earth is silent
The tears of pain disappear
The quiet is intimate

The cares vanish
The trees are still
The birds quickly hush
The quiet is intimate

The silent whispers begin
The confusion is shown
The relief appears
The quiet is intimate

The horrors of yesterday are gone
The comfort is valid
The invisible arms are felt
The quiet in intimate

Lost and Found

You stare out the window on the long drive.
Your discouraged, frustrated, in need.
You see some dirt, leafs, and a log.
You see a lake, brown in color.
You see profanity on signs along the way.
You see trash floating in the wind.
You see a man in rags, thumbs up, lost.
You see cars zooming by you, too fast, too loud.
You wonder where the beauty is.
How far do you have to drive to see Love?
How many miles until you see a mountain?
Dark trees without leafs surround it.
Leaning sideways in the middle of the growth.
You see an old wooden cross, about to fall down.
You see the sun create a spotlight on that cross.
You feel yourself smile, you feel peace.
You turn around and go home.


Imagine a wave, not too big, not too small
Imagine a rock, sturdy, so you wont fall
Now sit on that rock, and look at that wave
Look out on the ocean, your eyes spot a cave
Next to the cave is a whale, large and still
It doesn't swim away, looks as though it would never kill
The whale silently stays, as if it is watching you
It looks wise and kind, telling you what to do
It stays near you, the entire time
As silent and confident as a mime
The whale stays as long as you do
And in your heart you already knew
The whale was saying one thing, in its mind
You can make it through all days, of any kind

Friday, October 30, 2015

Wrestling invites all to come out

Are you up for a challenge? Then you should go out for Wrestling. Wrestling come-outs are on November 9 at 6 P.M in the gym. “There are no try-outs. No cuts. All may stay on the team as long as you practice and stay eligible,” said coach seven-year coach Steve Schmalzel. “We will attend seven tournaments this year. Not counting HDN, sections, and State.”

For come-outs, you will need a pair of tennis shoes or wrestling shoes, if you have them, and athletic clothes. And also a signed athletic contract and a physical.

Tyler R., a junior at Fortuna High, wrestles and plays on the varsity football team.

Modes Takes on the Amazonian Task of Making Money (and fails so far)

Modes isn’t shy of a challenge, and they’re proving that yet again. Amy Conley, the Modes teacher, has assigned a task that she hasn't done before. The class will be writing reviews on books of their choice and publishing them with the Amazon link. When a book that they have written about gets purchased, the class gets 15% of the purchase price as an Amazon credit to buy more books. Everything's running smoothly so far, except the class hasn't made any money. Yet.

But don't give up on hope, there's still plenty of time for the class to produce eye-catching reviews, and that's exactly what Conley expects to see. Posting these with the link supplies the class with money so they can purchase new books for the classroom. The lack of response isn't hindering the class in the slightest as they produce more well-written reviews on books that are well-loved. So why don't you take a look, you might find something you like.  

If Modes does earn Amazon credit, they will vote for which books to buy for the school library.

Melina, a junior, does the hokey pokey, but has yet to turn herself around.

Gogh big or Gogh home

Art teachers Daniel Holmes and Kirsten Escalante are teaming up and forming the perfect art duo in the new class being offered, The World of Art. The combination of art, ceramics, and photo allows student to get an overall understanding what it means to be an artist. New projects and higher expectations are aimed towards the class members, but they’re handling it with ease.

Inspired by real artists, the students are exceeding in this new class. Holmes is thrilled about the progress the group has made, “So far, so good. The students are finding things they enjoy that they wouldn't have discovered otherwise.” Things are going well even though some of the class members are hesitant to try new things.

However, Holmes and Escalante aren't giving up hope. So far the students have gone above and beyond. The class is accepting the new curriculum, and they are looking forward to future projects.

Melina, a junior, likes the show Supernatural.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Paulsen's The River takes readers on a coming-of-age journey

Gary Paulsen, a 1986, ‘88, and ‘90 John Newbery Medal award winner, with notable books such as the Hatchet series and Dogsong, grew up with a single mom. With  his dad being stationed in the Philippines during WW II, Paulson did not see his dad till the age of seven.When he got back to the states, he spent most of his time at his grandma's in minnesota; she was a major influence in his life.

Paulsen has many award-winning novels such as the Hatchet series and Dogsong. Dogsong being the best known book that Paulsen has written. Dogsong is a coming-of-age story of two teenage Inuits in the wilderness of  Upper Canada. Most of Paulsen's books are coming-of-age stories mostly in the wilderness.

We begin the story with a young Brian Robertson, only two years after his miraculous survival in the wooded lakes of canada for 54 days with no food and only a small hatchet to use a weapon and a gathering tool.The Canadian government wants him to go back to the woods with a psychologist named Derrick. Derrick choose the perfect lake, brought all the supplies, but when tragedy strikes and the unforeseen happens only Brian can save his and someone else’s life in the lakes and woods of Canada.

I would recommend the book to any young reader older than ten years old, I would also recommend for any age. This is a very good book in the Hatchet series. I would also recommend Hatchet the first book in the Hatchet series of books, This book will take the reader on a journey of spirituality, an uplifting ride, and of a teen becoming a man.  

Homecoming wrap-up!

Huskies sweep the nation this year! Freshmen took us to New Orleans, taking third place in the lip sync show. Sophomores, this year's first place winner in lip sync and the spirit stick, took us to New York City with a fantastic performance. Juniors took us down south to Los Angeles with second place in lip sync and in cheer! Our Seniors took first in cheer this year but last in lip sync when they took us all the way to Nashville! Great job on the performance guys!

Follow up on powderpuff: Juniors win this year with a last-minute touchdown made by Jenna Christensen! Congratulations to the juniors and the seniors on a nice game!

The Homecoming football game went fantastic as well. Huskie varsity team took the win with the score 34-14. The band put on a spectacular field show where they got in a giant F and played the song “Let it go” from the disney movie, Frozen. A little boy marched out with the marching band and even got to play with the marching band during the song with a current band student, me, Layla Dias.

Float follow up: Freshman-4th place. Seniors-3rd place. Juniors-2nd place. Sophomores-1st.

Homecoming king: Ryan Isaacs.
Homecoming Queen: Gillian Borges.

Congratulations to all the classes this year!  

Fortuna High Grad, Melissa Surber, Races to Success

Fortuna High Grad Races to Success

Melissa Surber is one of many Fortuna High graduates of 2013, after high school she went to College of the Redwoods, and attended some art classes as well as a French class. Melissa is on her way to becoming a professional motorcycle racer, she started at a young age, inspired by her dad, then as she got older she knew that was something she really wanted to do. At the beginning of this year Melissa started racing her dad’s Pro  Stock motorcycle to begin her training as a professional racer. One of Melissa’s best experiences was racing in Sonoma, July 28th-1st, she described it as “the most amazing experience." Melissa’s last two races for the season are in Las Vegas October 30 through November 1st and Pomona November 12th-15th.

Natalie N. enjoys her modes of writing class, hanging out with her friends, and going to the gym.

FHS Music hosts Haunted Halloween

Every two years the music students at Fortuna High go on a trip to LA to compete in The Heritage Music festival. While they are down there, they get to go to Disneyland, Medieval Times, etc. It is an amazing opportunity and trip for the music students. In order to pay for such an expensive trip, a lot of fundraising must be involved. One of the fundraisers is the annual Haunted House. If you are a music student, please get involved. If you are not a music student, come to the Haunted House for a scare!

Music Students in Haunted House: Time Change: Thurs Oct 29 - Dress Rehearsal at 6:00 pm, 140 Franklin Ave. Please come to this meeting with your costume (either with it on - or bring it with you) - if you plan to be in the Haunted House! Questions? See Ms. McClimon

The Haunted house will be Oct 30 and 31st (day of and day before Halloween), 140 Franklin Ave, 6:00-9:30 pm. Get ready to be frightened! $3.00 to get in.

Junior Layla enjoys chatting with senior Lupe during class.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Coraline provides a spooky look at courage

Children stories are loved by many, but Neil Gaiman can write a tale that's loved by all. Gaiman was born November 10, 1960 in Portchester, England. He's written many stories throughout his life, such as the Sandman comics, Miraclemen, Good Omens, and many more. His first professional story was published in 1984 and his latest in 2013. However Coraline is the only book that was animated (2009). He's also contributed to the production of Princess Mononoke, Beowulf, and the series Neverwhere.

The list of books Gaiman has written is a long one, and Coraline isn't the only popular tale. The Graveyard series was published in 2008 and is yet another well-written tale by Gaiman. This eccentric tale stars Bod from when he was just a toddler to 15 years old. In between all of that we get 3D and dynamic characters, life lessons, and adventures of every sort.

Even though Coraline's intended audience is pre-teen, people of every age should read this book. It starts off with Coraline, a young girl, living a normal and boring life. However things don't stay this way for long. It starts off with a door, which is a normal enough object except it’s not normal in this case. Its locked and when opened there is nothing but a brick wall on the other side. Until one day and instead of a wall it’s another flat that appears to look exactly like her own. Same parents, same neighbors, same cat. Except the parents are everything she’s ever wanted them to be, the neighbors are magnificent, and the cat can talk. There is also something small that puts her off a bit, everyone in the different world has buttons for eyes. At first, Coraline couldn't be happier about her discovery, but as her excitement starts disappear so does the magic of the different world.

This book targets a young audience, so the serious tone came to a surprise to me. Gaiman takes silly things, like a mouse circus, and gives them an evil twist.  But this novel isn't all horror. There is a very good reason why this book is directed towards such a young audience. Every book is built off of something, an idea, and this book was built off of bravery. Coraline conquers dangerous foes and saves the day. Which offers a good description of what courage looks like.

Any child who doesn't get scared easily would love this book. Although this story could be advertised to any age group, it is most adored by pre-teens. However the fact that it’s a children's story shouldn't stop you from cracking this book open and taking a peek inside.

Junior Melina enjoys being awkward.

Stephen King's Pet Sematery still a classic

Stephen King is a prominent figure in the horror and fantasy genres, and is a New York Times’ bestselling novelist. Some of his most popular works include The Shining, Carrie, and IT, and many of these works have been adapted into movies. King was born in Portland, Maine on September 21, 1947. He studied at the University of Maine, and later became a teacher while he began to establish himself as a writer. He has sold more than 350 million copies of his books worldwide, and has had them adapted into many successful movies.

King’s first novel, Carrie, was released in 1973 and became a huge success one year after being published. The novel tells the story of a teenaged girl who gets revenge on her peers. Another well known novel that King released was The Shining which was adapted into a movie in 1980 that stars Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall. In the novel the protagonist, Jack Torrance, and his family are trapped in a hotel that brings Jack to insanity from the dark past and isolated location of the hotel.

Pet Sematary begins with a family who moves to a house that is next to a highway frequented by speeding trucks. Louis Creed, the father and doctor, becomes good friends with his neighbor Jud Crandall and his wife. Jud takes Louis’ family on a hike to the town’s pet cemetery one day, which triggers bad memories and heated arguments between Louis and his wife, Rachel. After Louis has a traumatic experience with a patient in the hospital he begins to have nightmares about the cemetery. When his daughter’s favorite cat, Church, gets hit by a truck on the highway, Jud takes Louis to an ancient Micmac burial ground to bury him. The burial ground begins to bring horrors into his lives when they use the burial ground’s powers for the wrong reasons.

King uses a very consistent writing style that is present in all of his works. He describes the natural world in disturbing ways with things like “Dead fields under a November sky, scattered rose petals brown and turning up at the edges, empty pools scummed with algae, rot, decomposition, dust...” He also uses many existential themes in his books to add to the horror of what is already happening in the story and asks things like “...the most terrifying question of all may be just how much horror the human mind can stand and still maintain a wakeful, staring, unrelenting sanity.” In Pet Sematary one major theme is the acceptance of death, especially in Louis’ daughter Ellie, “Death was a vague idea; the Pet Sematary was real. In the texture of those rude markers were truths which even a child’s hands could feel.”

Anyone who is a fan of horror novels should consider reading this book. The book is dark and disturbing and full of the topic of death if you’re into that. Anyone who is a fan of other Stephen King novels should definitely consider reading this book as well, because it is similar to his other books.

Senior Codi likes his cat and reading.

Cheerleading: Now Being Considered a Sport

Clint Duey, principal at Fortuna High School, had a few thoughts about the new cheerleading rule decided by the State Legislature. His opinion on cheerleading being named as a sport is that he is very supportive of it and he thinks that is gives cheerleading the governance it needs.
The cheerleaders at Fortuna High do not travel to competitions and haven’t for a few years now, but he would be supportive of that idea if it ever came up. Duey believes that it will resolve issues and give cheerleading the legitimacy it deserves.
He said that, “Fortuna High has always tried their hardest to classify cheerleading as a sport.” He also doesn’t think this new rule will cause any conflict, but it is going to take steps for people to see that it is considered a sport now, and provide clarification of it.

Senior Kendall A. enjoys reporting and reading.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

King's Wolves of the Calla mashes gunslinging and sci-fi time travel

Stephen Edwin King was raised by his mother in Portland, Maine. He studied to be a teacher and ended up being a very successful writer.

King is an author of 54 outstanding novels, many of which are closely entwined with one another and more than a few have been adapted into movies and comic books(Carrie and Salem’s Lot). He has an extensive writing career with fiction and nonfiction. He has written several bestselling books Salem’s lot and Firestarter. The book we are going to talk about today, Wolves of the Calla, has a Bram Stoker Award and is the 5th book in the series.

I’m not sure if King knew what he was getting into when he started writing the first book in the Dark Tower series. Starting as a western and ending as a post-apocalyptic time traveling sci fi extravaganza, this entry of the series is brilliant. Midworld has seen its handful of bad days, but when the thiney started slowly creeping closer to the border towns, and the lobstrosities that inhabit it’s oceans start romping through the beaches, Mid World, and all words, need a savior of light. Roland and his Ka-Tet wake in an unknown world, to come across the town Calla Bryn Sturgis that has been raided by The Wolves every generation for half a pair of twins. The gunslingers boldly walk into the face of terror, with only what's on their back to their name. To save the town of Calla Bryn Sturgis is to save the dark tower, that will save humanity and the dimension that it lives in, time.

I loved the book. Granted it’s the least plot progressive book in the series. The entire story takes place in Calla Bryn Sturgis and the few doors to New York. Only two major characters are introduced, one being a man named Peer Callahan and another called Mia. I’m a little disappointed that half of the last two books have been storytelling(This one being the story of Peer Callahan, and the last one being the story of Roland and his Ka-Tet of young). They are good additions to the story nonetheless. It’s pretty easy to get lost at this point in the series; the last four books have been filled plenty with very interesting plot and amazing conspiracies.

I recommend this book to anybody looking for a good read. Mainly teens who love the intensity of a gunslinger and the fantasy of  time traveling. Start with the first book and you'll fall in love with it for a different reason you're in love with it when you start the 5th.

A senior, Caleb enjoys reading, and writing, and wondering about his future.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Pullman reads like Clockwork

Philip Pullman was born October 19, 1946 in Norwich, United Kingdom. He is a British writer. He is an author of several bestselling books. He is also a fiction type of writer. He was named one of the 50 greatest British writers since 1945. He is a very passionate believer in the democracy of reading. As an author, he does not think that the task of an author is to tell the readers what the books means. He says that, “the meaning of a story emerges in the meeting between the words on the page and the thoughts that are in the reader's mind as they progress through the book they are reading.”
Philip Pullman has written a ton of books since he became an author. Some examples of the books he has written are, The Ruby in the Smoke, The Tiger in the Well, The Firework-Maker's Daughter, and also The Broken Bridge. As you can see, he has written various types of books in his time. His genre of books that he seems to be most interested is fantasy. For the most part he is a fictional writer with his most notable book, His Dark Materials. The reading level that he suggested for his books is eight years old and up.
The book  Clockwork  compares the plot of the book to mechanical parks on clocks. This book is related to real life issues to parts on the clock, which actually makes a lot of sense when you read it. This is a very suspenseful book as you progress through it. Clockwork is about a master who puts a new part on the town clock every time someone learns and masters his skill. Then Fritz has written a novel and was presenting it, when all of a sudden, a figure pops out of nowhere and is weirdly similar to the character in his novel. The story just gets odder as the book goes on.
Philip Pullman's writing style is known as informal writing. In this book, he is very detailed about everything that has to do with the town clock and his novel. You would honestly learn quite a few things by reading this book. I think that readers like this book because for so little of pages there is a great storyline to it. Once you progress through this book, it pulls you in more and more, because it is suspenseful and you want to know what is going to happen next.
I think the kind of people this would attract would be teenagers. I think it would fit best with them because most teenagers don’t want to sit down and read a huge book. So since this book is so short and has a lot of detail along with a suspenseful story I think they would enjoy reading it.
Kendall, a senior, enjoys reading and writing.