Monday, November 6, 2017

"Get out there, make it happen!"

Humans of Fortuna: FHS Alumni Ari Ananda

By: Liana Hetticher

Ariana(Ari) Ananda, a Fortuna High alumni has advice for future graduates. “My advice for the graduating class of FHS: Do what you love, and do what makes you really excited to be learning past your school education. Get OUT there. See the world, make it happen even if you think you don't have money/you should be getting a high paying job/being a responsible is possible. And the world is so much bigger than our sweet little Humboldt County. It truly is remarkable how much you can learn about other people, the environment, history, and culture by actually getting a taste of it. Whether that is going to China to climb the Great Wall, or just going over to Oregon to take a hike in an unknown forest, get out there.”

Ari studied Wildlife Conservation in college. Zoology is the scientific study of the behavior, structure, physiology, classification, and distribution of animals. This is also in relation to ecology. Ecology is the study of the relations of organisms to one another and their physical surroundings. In relation to those two sciences, there is Conservation Biology. This is the management of nature and of Earth’s biodiversity with the aim of protecting species, their habitats, and their ecosystems from excessive rates of extinction and the erosion of biotic interactions. Ari studied a mix of these three studies when she created her own major of Wildlife Conservation.

A few jobs one can obtain with these majors are environmental studies, working in zoos, or wildlife management area such as a national park.

Ari’s favorite thing about Humboldt County was “the small town vibe and the closeness it created.” She loved being able to roam free and not have the sense of worry.

Ariana’s two favorite places are Costa Rica and Tanzania. She enjoyed Costa Rica for its “biodiversity, sustainability, and the fact that the local people have come to see how these things can bring incredible tourism and help their economy, thus further fueling environmental protection acts.” Ari spent 3 months, working on a sea turtle conservation project and doing field research with bats.

She also enjoyed Tanzania because “it really caused me to think outside of simply being a tourist.” The role that cultural development plays in conservation also sparked her interest.
Seeing the wildlife that i had only ever seen on National Geographic come to life right in front of me as I camped out under the stars in the Serengeti is something I will never forget”.

Ari chose this career path because she’s always wanted to work with and help animals, but being a veterinarian just wasn’t a fit for her. “I fell in love with the science and understanding the wildlife, but also am keen on the fields of rehabilitation.” Although she isn’t certain of her near future, she knows that she will be working towards helping the wildlife in any way she can.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Major Traffic Accident and Injuries on highway 254

By Emily Smith
This morning at 4:02am there was a traffic collision on highway. When the vehicle crashed, it rolled causing major damage to the vehicle and causing injuries to the male, who was found on the shoulder outside of the vehicle. Police then requested an ambulance and tow truck.

The accident was labeled major by CHP, for the injuries of the person involved. The highway was closed but then deemed clear and reopened by 6:41am.

A Big Misunderstanding: it was a survival kit, not a bomb

Pauline Willing

On the 10/20/17 a women thought there was a “Pipe Bomb” in Fortuna 10th Street.
She called the police and they sent  the Humboldt Country explosive ordnance disposal team.
They tried to destroy it safely and then they found out that it was an homemade container used to carry survival items. The husband of the women who called the police left it there for a hunting trip.

So all in all, it was just a big misunderstanding and they made a big thing out of it. So nobody got hurt, but the resident had to leave his house and wait at the neighbor’s house. Neighboring residents were also informed.

Traffic Jam by Abandoned Vehicle!

By Isabella Vonglakhone on October 25, 2017

Today at 8:22 a.m.on Highway 255, there was a traffic jam due to an abandoned teal Ford. Sergeant Le France, of Eureka PD, responded to the scene and reported a broken window. There is a possible suspect, but none have been confirmed.

At around 9:05 a.m, a tow truck went en route to relieve traffic and remove the vehicle from the scene. All is well, but a suspect is yet to be found.

60 customers lose power in Orleans

Maicie Spencer
October 25, 2017

Today at 9:55 am there was a power outage in Orleans, CA, just off the road of Red Cape and near the Klamath River. Around 60 individuals that were affected by this power outage.

PG&E will be helping fix and find that happened in today’s events. They didn’t know what caused this outage, and PG&E was investigating.The power was back and running at 5pm, and everything was good again.

2.2 Earthquake Hits 16km From Rio Dell

Cayden Sauls


A 2.2 magnitude earthquake hit 16km from Rio Dell, California today. It hit at 11:36am and was not felt by many. This is not a rare occasion on the west coast of California.

A survey done in a 5th period class at Fortuna High School, Fortuna is a town a couple miles from Rio Dell, showed that not one student felt it. It was a shallow earthquake at a little over 21km  deep but did not have the power to be felt by most. Earthquakes like this are a common thing around there due to the active nearby faults. These little earthquakes are a good thing; hopefully stalling a rumored long overdue devastating earthquake.

Traffic Collision in Fortuna, nobody injured

Bailey Sanderson


At 4:57 AM this morning, a call came in about a traffic collision on 118 S Fortuna Blvd. This was a single-person collision, involving a man with no injuries. This man ran into the Cal Fire building, fence, and gate with his car.

Officers have not concluded how or why he ran into these structures.

Highway 299 W and Guintoli Ln Offramp: Animal Hazard

By Paige Richardson

Four vehicles reported an animal hazard off highway 299 and Guintoli Ln offramp at 10am this morning, causing traffic hazards.

Power Outages in Hoopa affect Pine Creek and Orchard Loop

Benny Pavloff

Today, 10-25-17, at 12:06 pm twelve customers of PG&E in the Hoopa area were left without power for unknown reasons. PG&E are on location investigating why the outages occurred but haven't found anything yet. The houses without power are located on the block of Pine Creek and Orchard Loop. There have been no further updates on the situation.

Hit and Run or Run and Hit..?

By Skylar Mattly

At 10:48 am, Wednesday October 25, there was a reported hit and run accident at 875 Redwood Drive in Garberville, CA. Shortly after the accident occurred, CHP was contacted and informed. The responders then went to go scout out what happened. The emergency responders had arrived within minutes after the call.

At 10:50 am emergency responders were at the scene. At 10:51 am, it was reported that when they arrived, the vehicle was not on, the owner was not inside, and it was parked. The person whom was “hit” was not in need of any medical assistance and emergency responders left. Was it really a traffic collision?

Controlled Burn at Potawot Village This Weekend

By Jarod Jones

The United Indian Health Service has announced that there will be a prescribed fire this Saturday, October 28, 2017 at 1600 Weeot Way, Arcata, CA. The event is supervised by the Arcata Fire Department under the direction of Battalion Chief Sean Campbell,  so If you live near or see the smoke arising, there’s no need to panic.

The controlled fire is estimated to burn from 2:00pm to 5:00pm if the weather stays in favor. There will be smoke in and around the Potawot Village, so all should take necessary precautions.

50-year-old transient takes advantage of people evacuating from homes in Santa Rosa

By Hailey Hipes

Yesterday, October 24th, at 1:45pm, officers noticed a 50-year-old white male acting suspiciously in the Santa Rosa area near the evacuation zones. After he was located, police found that he had stolen jewelry, cell phones, and other valuables from many lifeless evacuee homes. He was arrested.

Following his arrest, he was not only charged with felony grand theft, but he was also charged with possession of a concealed weapon as well as possession of narcotic paraphernalia. Thank you HPD for looking out for the evacuees of Santa Rosa!

Power Outage In Fortuna Leaves 39 Without Power

October 25, 2017
By Ethan Higgins

Today at 11:24 am, the area surrounding Fernwood drive succumbed to a power outage. The cause of which at the time is unknown but PG&E is investigating the source and cause. No other areas have been known to be affected.

There are no known injuries or deaths at the time and it seems that the people affected will survive with no clear or present danger.

Man is Charged with Lewd Conduct and Violation of Parole

Tia Graham

Charles Steven Flinn was found in a  women's bathroom on 2500 block of 4th street. He left right after police arrived. He was caught on surveillance, and they released this out to social media to help find him.  

After three days, officers found him with the help of State Parole Agents. Later he was charged with lewd conduct and violation of parole and was booked into Humboldt County Correctional Facility on 10-20-17.

Man tries to flee from hit and run

Arcata, CA
By Alvretta Huffman

The suspect Roman Jealousofhim had a loaded firearm and had methamphetamine in his possession and was convicted of a hit and run.

On October 25, 2017 at the estimated time of 12:00 am, a traffic collision was reported at Old Arcata Rd. When police officers came to the scene, the suspect was trying to flee. They found the suspect in the passenger seat of the cab; when they caught the suspect they found illegal items on him. They then took Roman  to Humboldt County correctional facility to book him.

Shots Fired at Mendocino Fire Department

By Caitlin

Landowner fires at Mendocino Fire Department after mistaking them for trespassers.

On October 14th at 12:02 AM, the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Department reported that the Fire Department was suppressing fires in Redwood Valley, CA because of the Mendocino Lake Complex Fire. The owner of the land the Cal Fire workers were on is owned John Maxwell Heron. He thought the firemen were trespassers and he yelled at them, opened fire, and then called 911.

The Sheriff as well as multiple other officers patrolled investigating the situation. After establishing that the Fire Department was on John Heron’s land, they attempted to arrest him for the discharge of his firearm. When confronted, he resisted arrest and was later booked into the Mendocino County Jail with a bail set at $15,000.

Road closures affect Humboldtian travels

By Tanner Baum

If you are trying to leave Humboldt County, the only way out is north unless you want to take it slow.  On highway 36 there is full closures west of Buck Mountain road from 8am to 12pm and 1pm to 5pm Monday through Thursday from 8am to 12pm and 1pm to 3pm on Fridays, with monitoring  should be 30-minute delays. There is also lane closures on both sides of the 101 near Redcrest undercrossing from 8am to 6pm weekdays. Also a roadway evacuation near Cedar Creek Road in one way traffic control from 7:30 am to 5pm.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Possible “Pipe Bomb” Handled by FPD & EOD

By Liana Hetticher

On October 20th, 2017, Fortuna PD released a press release about a possible bomb scare on the 300 block of 10th street in Fortuna. The resident found the suspected “pipe bomb” on her back porch and contacted FPD wanting to know how to react. According to the press release: “Suspicious Device Found Near Residence Destroyed By Bomb Squad,” the resident’s son had moved the device and placed in front of their home in the carport.

After calling in the experts, The Humboldt County Sheriff Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team, the device was taken away to be detonated safely where it was discovered it was not in fact a bomb. Instead, it was a waterproof survival kit left behind on accident by the resident’s husband just before leaving for a hunting trip. “The object was determined to be constructed of PVC pipe and was capped on at least one end and wrapped in paracord and duct tape,” containing waterproof matches, an emergency blanket, and a fire starter.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Hwy 36 construction inconveniences travelers and workers

By Hailey Hipes

Highway 36 construction has affected people all over Humboldt County. Many people cross over 36 everyday, and a couple handfuls must cross over right where the construction is happening.

12 miles East to just over 16 miles East of Bridgeville is the area affected. It is closed from from 8-5 Monday-Thursday, and from 8-3 on Friday. The only time it is open is from 12-1 Monday thru Friday. This construction will last until November 1st of this year. This is a huge inconvenience to many people crossing over this area daily.

Zack Cook, an employee at Wright Tree Service, works 5 days a week which involves them going over 36 very often and sometimes running right into the construction. “I crossed over 36 very often this last summer and over deer hunting season, almost every weekend,” he told me. Although he was very aware that this was going to be happening through people continually talking about it, he still feels that “it’s stupid”. This also makes his job that much more stressful because if he isn’t done before the roads open for the hour, he will get stuck out there for the day.

This has clearly been a major inconvenience to many people, but hopefully, CalTrans finishes this construction sooner than later so the roads will be open like normal again and there will be no more stressing over it.

Homecoming parade comes together in short amount of time

Fortuna, California
Emily Smith

FHS celebrated Homecoming Week September 11-15, ending in a parade, game, and spectacular halftime show.

At our high school Fortuna High there is a very special week, one that celebrates competition, class pride, and most importantly togetherness throughout the school. Homecoming has lots of events including the Thursday Night game, lip sync, the traditional friday night football game against McKinleyville, which ended in a win for Fortuna, and the half time of the show includes the crowning of homecoming royalty, queen Haley Benbow and king Bailey Foley and also the show of the parades covered in christmas lights creating a beautiful display to end a great week.

Senior class advisor, Adam Pinkerton, said “while building these floats, ideas come in throughout the week and on average it takes 3-4 days” Which may not seem that long but with the limited amount of time, the class float rules stating “Floats must be built in the bus barns on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of Homecoming week” After the week of work and effort, the judging ended in Senior float getting first, Freshmen second, Junior’s third and Sophomores 4th.

First Humans of Fortuna: “Everybody has been very welcoming, I got into this for the community side of things.”

By: Liana Hetticher
Officer Lindsey Frank, born in Reno, raised in Sacramento before moving to Humboldt County when she was 25 is Fortuna High’s current Student Resource Officer(SRO). So far, she loves her job, “Everybody has been very welcoming, I got into this for the community side of things,” she says.

Officer Frank is not strictly Fortuna High’s SRO. She also spends time at the middle and elementary schools in Fortuna doing things with the kids. Such things include walking the track at Toddy Thomas Middle School as part of the 100 Mile Club, reading to kids at all the elementary schools, and helping out the students of Fortuna High. Frank is still able to be a patrol officer, which was her position prior to being involved in the schools. She returns to her previous position over summer break, spring break, winter break, and other breaks throughout the school year. If she receives a call and she is closer than one of the other officers, often times she will respond.

There are some difficulties that come with the job, but she is working through them for the benefit of the youth. Some of her difficulties are getting the youth to open up and trust her, most kids are guarded and uneasy because of her uniform. She is trying to help Fortuna’s youth open and up and trust her to help them when needed. One thing that Frank says is easier about the job is the schedule; although still fast paced, her schedule has relaxed a little bit. It is easier for her to get her own children ready for school in the mornings, she enjoys being home with them, whereas in her old position, she would often work the graveyard shift and be getting home as they are leaving for school.

Officer Frank has been an officer for 9 years. She started out in Ferndale, she was there for 5 years before transferring to Fortuna for the past 4 years. The things she enjoys the most about her job is the helpfulness. She enjoys being able to make a difference in someone’s life, she enjoys the variety of responsibilities from day to day. She doesn’t have to be bored, she can be as busy as she pleases.

Arts are Alive in Downtown Eureka the first Saturday of the month

Fortuna, Ca.

Benny Pavloff

Every month, artists and musicians from around the community get together and show off their work at ‘Arts Alive’. Arts is a gathering for new and old artists to get their name known throughout the county, some even come from out of the area. Arts Alive is held every first Saturday of every month and is located in the Old Town area of Eureka, Ca. Whether it be cool jazz played by a band in a coffee shop or a young boy playing classical music on his guitar, Arts has something for everyone.

A tenant who lived above the gazebo blew bubbles over the plaza while the sound of music bounced through the air, you could only barely hear the chants of the crazy dude with a sign warning us of the end is near. Hot dog vendors and food trucks filled the air with the smell of food and local charities were out fundraising. Arts alive is a very friendly welcoming place to be where you can meet new people, listen to new music, and drink some amazing coffee from Old Town Coffee and Chocolate ( probably my favorite part ).

Ross Hill Road construction

Fortuna, CA

Savannah Laloli

According to a letter dated February 6th, 2017, Rosshill Road construction in Fortuna, CA has the main intent of improving and making roads safer for pedestrians and bicyclists, however not also supporting a crosswalk to the Redwood Preparatory Charter School. The way planned to do this is by limiting the amount of lanes down to one, making the bicycle lane wider. Ross Hill Road is the main route in and out of the city to four different schools.

Huskyology Homecoming half time heartens town

Photograph by Issa V Photography

On Friday, September 15, 2017, Fortuna High’s annual homecoming game and halftime show took place. The Fortuna Huskies’ football team went against the Mckinleyville Panthers and took a win with a score of 34-16. Coach Mike Benbow of the Huskies said that the Fortuna High’s football team played very well. “I think that we came out and did everything they had planned on doing all week, and it was awesome to see so many kids participate and be apart of the win,” states Benbow.
Photograph by Issa V Photography

Along with the game, Fortuna High puts on a phenomenal show summing up their homecoming week. This show contains fireworks, a homecoming king and queen reveal, a giant burning F, a night parade with class floats and royalty riding in corvettes. This show brings the community together and makes Fortuna High School unique.

The halftime show takes a lot of time to prepare. What goes into preparing the show as Mrs. Coit, the coordinator of the homecoming halftime show, says is: royalty must be nominated, cars for the royalty have to be found, fireworks have to be bought and set up, the announcer’s script has to be written, there has to be runners to light the F and much more. After all this work, the show gets pulled together.
Photograph by Issa V Photography

At the end of the night, Bailey Foley and Haley Benbow were honored Homecoming King and Queen, the firework show went off, the giant F was lit, and the Huskies took a win. “I thought the show was almost perfect!” says Mrs. Coit. Fortuna High’s annual homecoming game and halftime show of 2017 really summed the excitement of their homecoming week.

Photograph by Issa V Photography

Sunday, September 24, 2017

New Recycling Program Saves Money and Helps Environment

Fortuna, California

Jarod Jones

A new recycling program has been established by two teachers at Fortuna High, Ms. Heavilin and Ms. Lynch. It is used to reduce the use of styrofoam and make steps to saving money and the planet. This was introduced this year and has helped us save money by reducing our load to the dump and getting paid turn in our recycling. In every classroom, there are 3 different trash cans or containers with signs on them letting them know what goes into what. The teachers are also pretty good at wondering if we are placing items in the right cans. The cans are collected once a week, putting everything in one area and then taken to the recycling all at once.

Ms. Lynch one of the people who created this program explained that the previous program wasn't fulfilling doing its job and a huge amount of styrofoam was going to landfill and her and Ms. Heavilin  goal was to reduce that styrofoam and other products to make Fortuna High school a more environmentally friendly campus.

Lynch says, “We have already had the need to order larger recycling bins because so many people are being mindful of the recycling process and utilizing the bins that have been placed in all the classrooms” The students of Fortuna are not only helping with this new program but it's also teaching them to be environmentally conscious. This program is also helping the school financially as it is less expensive to buy the trashcans then to take everything to the dump. If you are a student at Fortuna High and are looking to get involved, Lynch says, “We would love to have more students get involved with the recycling pick ups and the sorting process in the cafeteria. Students can sign up with me or Ms. Heavlin to get involved with the program. It can be as simple as donating twenty minutes of your time each week.”

Fortuna Weather Report

Fortuna, California

Cayden Sauls

Fortuna weather report for the next week. The weather has been changing from muggy to beach weather lately and you don’t really know what is coming next. Well, you wouldn’t if we didn’t have weather reports.

Next week is supposed to be a nice one with it getting up into the 70’s for some of it. We won't see any rain until the week after.

Fortuna High’s Girls Soccer Program Takes on the New Season

Fortuna, California

Tia Graham

The Fortuna’s girls soccer program is just about to kick off their season. Last year, they lost a substantial amount of seniors and have gained many new players this year. Their coach Kathleen Lynch and former and present player KC Cortes has agreed to answer a few questions about the team.

KC  Cortes says that she’s most excited about getting to know the new players and adapting to their style of play. Every year players graduate and some years they lose players more than other years and this year that was the case. KC thinks losing players will affect the team but she has high hopes and says that it’s just creating new opportunities for former and new players. As she remembers how intimidated she was and how she was grateful for the opportunities she was given.  KC says that “my freshman year I was intimidated. I want to help new players improve just like the older ones did for me.”

Some of the best qualities of the team are their relationships with each other and also working together and supporting each other,  Coach Lynch says. Lynch explains that 8 out of 20 players graduated last year and there was a lot of new faces coming out for tryouts. “ The first year players coming in has a lot of potential which we are excited about,”  says Coach Lynch. The team is very good at adapting to new changes as this year she made the decision of running multiple formations instead of one. At the end of the day a coach  has to be focused on one main idea and that is leadership. As they’ve lost the majority of the leaders last year, they have to rebuild. She wants to create hard working atmosphere and fast pace style of play with the help of the leaders she hopes to accomplish this.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

County Fair is a Learning Experience

Humboldt County, California
Hailey Hipes

The 121st annual Humboldt County Fair is coming to Ferndale, California August 23rd! All of the fair kids are preparing to show their animals. Everyone is working together to put this event together.

Skylar Mattly, a member of the FFA raised a sheep this year for fair. “This is only my first year raising a lamb” she says, “and I plan on doing it next year as well.” She chose to raise a lamb because they “are very playful, easy to control, and they have a personality” She is obviously very happy with her choice to raise a lamb, but it also came with a list of pros and cons. A few pros included “meeting new people at fair, connecting with the animal, and seeing the many different ways that people do things.” Overall, it was a great experience.

Lindsey Kleiner, a Fortuna High agriculture teacher, is also very passionate about her job as well as the things that come with it. “There are 49 kids that raise animals through Fortuna FFA,” she said. Each animal has a certain amount of time that it needs put into it. The most common, goats, sheep, and pigs, need a minimum of 5 months of care and attention. Other larger animals, like cows need 12-18 months of care and attention. Each animal’s costs for everything are different. Cows cost around $2,500 to raise, as to a goat or a sheep that costs around $700. Kleiner said that there are many different hardships that are faced. “Animals can get diseases and die,” and that is a very hard thing to deal with, but if you raise your animal well, that makes the fair so rewarding.

Fortuna Huskies Football off to solid start

Fortuna, Calfornia
Ethan Higgins

The Fortuna High football team is looking forward to a very competitive, and hopefully a very long season for the 2017-2018 school year. Coach Mike Benbow stated in an interview that he is most looking forward to the game against Cardinal Newman, saying “to be the best, you've got to beat the best.”Quarterback JB agrees with Benbow saying that he too is, “looking forward to Newman the most.”

The Fortuna High football team is looking at a roster full of seniors who have varsity experience and have been working very hard over the off season. “Although every player is important and plays a part, it's hard to not say something about the three and four year varsity starters Church Crenshaw and JB Lewis,” who Benbow says are great leaders. The Huskies start their season off with an away game against Cardinal Newman on August 25th where they will travel to Santa Rosa to play the returning section champions.

Update: Friday night senior Bailey Foley number 20 on the Fortuna High Football team suffered a traumatic brain injury and had to be rushed to the hospital. The previous part of this article and interviews were done before the game on Friday night. This event is a tragedy to say the least, and prayers go out to Bailey and his family.

Fortuna tennis welcomes new season

Fortuna, California
Bailey Sanderson

The Fortuna High girls tennis team season started a few weeks ago, and they are all excited about the new season and striving for victory. Although this team isn't the most popular at Fortuna High, the team is still very proud to be representing the high school. They have been practicing for two weeks and couldn't be more excited for their first match. Although not everyone on the team gets to compete, so they have been fighting for their starting spots.

Savannah Houseworth, a first year tennis player, decided to try out for her senior year, so she could play one sport before graduation. This is her first year; she is hoping to get good enough to be able to play in an actual tennis match.

She has confidence in her team saying, “Pretty much everybody but me have been playing tennis for a number of years and they're really good. I have a feeling we will do really well this season.” The team seems to bond very well together, and she says that is her favorite part of being on this team. The Fortuna tennis team needs all the support they can get, so check out their schedule on the Fortuna High page.  

Abigail Albin, a four-year team member, is very excited for her last season on the tennis team. She is ready for the matches and is excited to see how they do. She said,  “I'm very happy the season is starting and I can't wait for our first match in Del Norte this saturday.”  She expresses that they could use some more support at the home tennis games though. So if you can get the chance to come, check one out.

Senior at Fortuna High Explains Her Love For Volleyball

By Jessi Shinn

The 2017 Varsity Volleyball season has just begun. A player on the team, Meelah Milligan, just made the team for her fourth consecutive season. Milligan has been playing volleyball for 6 years and loves the action and competitiveness of the sport.

Milligan continues to benefit from the sport in many ways. Her favorite part of the sport is the excitement she feels for her team on and off the court, “My team makes me happy and I love the laughter that is brought to the court.” She says she has always loved sports and enjoys being active. She decided to try volleyball in the seventh grade and has played ever since. The love for the sport began after her 1st year when she had realized the special bond she created with each individual teammate. She loves being on the court with her team and has become fond of the excitement she feels when her team gets a “kill.”

Milligan says she feels great about her team this year and feels they will do excellent. Last season, Milligan and her team did exceptional, coming home with only a few losses. “Arcata is our biggest competition and we are really hoping to bring home that win,” Milligan stated.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Marijuana Grown on Agricultural Land and its Effects on Land Prices

Fortuna, CA.

By Benny Pavloff

The legalization of marijuana in California has affected land prices in Humboldt
County immensely. Large corporations and pharmaceutical companies have bought up ag land in Northern California in the heart of the Emerald Triangle and people don't know how to feel about this. A positive factor of growers coming in is more money will flow through the counties, but land prices for crop and dairy farmers have gone up, a lot.

Humboldt County is known for its beautiful forests, its rough oceans, and most of all, marijuana. We live in the heart of the Emerald Triangle, the name given to Humboldt,
Trinity, and Mendocino counties, for obvious reasons.

Sally Conley, a real estate agent, says the prices for land in Humboldt have actually declined since last year, the last places to see the most spike is price is east of Fortuna in the Dinsmore area and in southern Humboldt. Homeowners in the area were surprisingly not affected, instead cattle and dairy have seen the most impact with land prices almost doubling.

With marijuana being a cash crop nowadays, permits are required for legal grows, and in the Humboldt and Trinity counties upwards of 2800 growers have applied, out of that 2800 only around 10 have been permitted. Large grows supervised by companies have pushed out smaller, and usually illegal,  growers from the area by raising the land prices. Will the same happen to our dairy and other local crops?

Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Fall and Rise of the Music Department

Fortuna, California
Emily Smith
In the small town of Fortuna, California, a local high school is working at saving their beloved music department. After the previous teacher resigned, the department was left with no teacher for the 2017-2018 school year.

The current students enrolled in this program were devastated, but never gave up. They not only held fundraisers all summer long, including face painting at the 3rd of July Festival at Newburg  Park, but many meetings to raise awareness to their search for a new teacher.

Senior Amanda Smith has been involved in the music department for all four years of high school, “I’ve been involved since my freshman year when I took music tech, then glee choir sophomore year, for this school year and last my part in the music department is that I’m in Camarada singers” We discussed about how the department lost its teacher,  Amanda says that “She got better job opportunities,  but chose the one closer, so she could visit.”

Since the music meeting at the FUHS Board meeting that took place days before school starting, they have put in substitutes for each branch of music classes. “Currently Mr. Peterson is subbing for choir, Mr. Benbow is subbing for the marching band, and Mr. Helms is subbing for the Jazz Band class” Besides school classes, the band is involved in many things including the homecoming parade, game, and weekly friday night games. Duey stated that subs have been put in place for those events as well. “Mr. Peterson has stepped in to be in control overseeing that and the drum major is writing all the music.” He also confirmed that three applicants had applied for the position, and he had offered the job to one.

“Well, I am optimistic that we will have a music teacher in place during the first week of September.”

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Fortuna High Changes Schedule

Fortuna, California
Pauline Willing

The schedule change is this year, in 2017. The students of the Fortuna High started school this year earlier. They decided that the first day of the semester started at the 14th August.

A lot of people have different opinions about the schedule change.

The teacher, Amy Conley thinks very positive about it because the finals, which are very important for the students, are before the winter break. That means that the students can relax in their vacation and have not to study in it.

Another positive aspect is that there is more time to prepare because of the early start  and there also is an early end. The students get graduedet on June 1st.
Amy Conley said, “School should be about preparing kids, this schedule prepares kids better.”

Also there are a few negative things. For example that the elementary school doesn’t change. Fortuna High was the only school that changed. So families which have children who go on different schools started different too.

Tia Graham, the student of the Fortuna High, said it was really negative for her. Her summer break was two weeks shorter. Most of students think the same.

But the decision was clear, 80% of the teachers wanted the schedule.

There’s an Officer on Campus?!

Fortuna, California
Isabella Vonglakhone

This year at Fortuna Union High School many things are changing especially with the new addition of an on campus School Resource Officer, Officer Frank. As Officer Frank states it, “I think it was a shock at first for the students seeing me walk around-but I haven’t had any major negative interactions with the kids, it’s all be positive.” According to Frank,  Fortuna High has been very inviting, and she loves it so far.

She currently holds her main office on Fortuna High’s campus and works with any campus that feeds into Fortuna High. She tells me that she does an array of jobs from going to social functions, helping out with clubs, arresting, giving a positive name to the police force, and serving as a mentor/guidance to those who need it. Fortuna Police Department and County Major Z’s vision for having a School Resource Officer on campus was to help make the schools a more welcoming place to learn by dealing with drugs, truancy, and violence issues.

“Officer Frank brings a positive light,” says Principal Duey.

Officer Frank has always wanted to be in law enforcement. At age twenty-five, she began the police academy after buying a house, a car, and getting settled. She takes after her father who is ex= law enforcement. She says that she loved working with children and thought about becoming a teacher. Becoming a School Resource Office here at Fortuna High ended up being the right fit for her to be able to do the two things that she loves. Fortuna High can’t wait to see the positive affects Officer Frank will have on our campus and the one’s in the Eel River Valley.