Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Take advantage of college visits to FHS

Are you interested in college? Do you have questions about college? Look no further because Fortuna High has several great colleges visiting to speak and answer all your questions throughout the year. Colleges include OIT, UC Davis, Humboldt State, and Sonoma State.

Karla Austin, counselor at FUHS, explained the difficulties of being a small school and the importance of these schools coming to talk with the students.

“I wish more reps would come to our school, we’re a small school in the middle of nowhere...We don’t get the luxury of the large So-Cal schools,” Austin explained.

The difficulty is multiplied when the large and popular colleges, don’t even need representatives. Austin explained to me that schools like Cal Poly and University of Washington don’t send reps because the turnout isn’t worth it. In all reality, Austin explained as well, kids need to be exposed. Interacting with a rep and being exposed can drastically make a difference in a kids choices as to where they want to get their formal education.

Austin wishes more unique schools would come up to the coast and talk to kids about a future with their school. She emphasized Cal Maritime, a school where you live and learn on the sea. A lot of you living in the north coast region probably know someone who would be interested.

I encourage anyone at FUHS who wants to talk to one of these reps. Talk to your counselor about it. It could change your life!

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