Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Bellion expresses his philosophy in Human Condition

By Savannah

Jon Bellion, after a three-year time period, finally released his most recent album: “The Human Condition”. Not only was this a big gap compared to when his other two albums were released back in 2013, but it was also a switch up from pop music to Alternative R&B / Hip Hop. It’s questionable as to why he himself hasn’t won more awards for his talents involving music, considering he wrote songs for other artists, such as Eminem and Jason Derulo, that became top features and won Grammy Awards.

Each of the songs have their own unique, eye catching cartoon cover. Some are more self-explanatory than others but none of them went without much thought or detail, each telling their own story. One of the promotional songs, “Woke The F*ck Up”, has a cover that on top of describing itself features two other song covers in the background.

The album started off with “He Is The Same”, telling about somebody he knows, how it doesn’t feel like they’ve gone very far, putting their life into the perspective that at the roots are still the same as in high school. Making a connection to the next song listed, one of the promotional songs, “80’s Films”, is about how life goes by so quick and sometimes all that’s needed is to go back to a time you felt better and take a break there. Skip forward a couple songs to “Fashion”, and there you get the description that we prioritize how we look, always want more in search of filling a void there that we know cannot be mended like the seam of clothing, and yet we do so anyway. After a couple more promo songs, there’s a bundle of three songs that express his gratitude to the special someone in his life, “Overwhelming”, “Weight Of The World”, and “The Good In Me”, which, like many love songs, are easily relatable and adored by anyone who chooses to listen to his music. Though things quickly change in his song “IRobot”, expressing grief and heartbreak in a way that isn’t generic, like a robot. “Guillotine” is a must listen to song, in the shift of more upbeat tones, reconnecting to the previous bundle of three. The album ends with “Hands Of God (outro)”, an overlook on his beliefs and feelings of the world, and everything going on in his.

This album is one that connects to soul roots, without being emotionally overwhelming and unbearable, and something you could listen to on repeat.

Monday, December 4, 2017

German rapper Fata Morgana's new album is a favorite

Fata Morgana is KC Rebells 5th album in the Hip-Hop, rap scene. He is a German singer and released this LP in 2015.

Fata Morgana” feat. Xavier Naidoo is the title song of his LP. It’s based on a quote in the bible and is the centerpiece of this LP.

His song “Bist du Real” feat. Moe is about love and a lot of young teen girls liked it, because a common German youtuber posted it on her channel and was in his music video.
“Porzellan” is very melancholy. It is about an old relationship, and it is kind of sad.

His song “Augenblick” is my favourite song in his album. I just choose this LP because of this song. It is a very personal song from him, and it is about death. That everyone has to die and that this is the only “safe” thing that we know. There is so much “stuff” in life that we don’t expect but we all know that we are going to die some day. He wants to find the right way.

Fata Morgana is a little bit different than his albums that he released before. The sound of a few songs is different, and there are more personal songs in it. Like in his other LP’s, there are songs where you can see that he is tough on the outside and soft on the inside. He also kept his own individual style.

With this LP KC Rebell tries, that more younger girls listen to his music. It includes songs about love and feelings. Younger people who are in a relationship or just are interested in the rap and hip hop genre are going to like this album.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

"I wouldn't change it for the world"

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Thomas Rhett, who is he? Many might ask and I'm here to tell you all about who that is. Thomas Rhett is an American country song writer and singer. From the small town of Valdosta, GA to the big lights today.  

The first song of his new album is “ Craving you. ” This song with many others start off with a slow but a steady build up, these songs also have lots of meaning because the songs are written for or about his lovely wife. Thomas Rhett’s style of signing is a little bit of it all, he has many songs that are very different from the next.

To be 16 is an incredible time for a teen as seen in many movies, and but in real life, it’s a little different then what’s seen on tv.  Rhett has a song in his album called “ Sixteen” a song that perfectly describes a teenage mind and so forth. The lyrics and the beat of the song are very true to what most teens feel and what most everyone feels when living life. The best part of the whole song is that you can relate to it, being a teen and wanting to be free, to live with no thought, just live in the moment.  

The most emotional song that I personal love is “ Life Changes.” The song that created the whole album. This song is actually his life story with his wife, not all but some of his life events that happened with his wife and their family. The motivation of this song is very touching to people’s heart, the beat and the words makes people want to sing along. Having that connection to an audience is very important.

It is said around that Thomas Rhett's songs are not very country at all and I have to agree on that but not in a negative way. Thomas Rhett’s career is moving forward and that means that the style of his signing or writing may change over time. It’s true that him along with others are evolving and expanding with the new trends going on today, but there is still a country boy from a small town still there doing what he thinks is best for him.

Rhett's Life Changes show his changing style

By Bailey Sanderson

The 2015 country album Tangled Up made singer-songwriter Thomas Rhett popular, although he had an album in 2013 It Goes Like This. He put out 5 singles from just that album. In 2017, he put out his best album Life Changes. In this album, he put out 5 singles and is favored to win a Grammy this year.  This album he writes more autobiographical songs. He is evolving as a singer songer and his type of music.
His first song “Craving you” features Maren Morris and it sets off the moods about his love life. This song leads into the next called “Unforgettable;” this song is all about a girl he can't get out of his head. I think I like it so much because he puts so much detail into it that to me it seem like he is writing it from a memory. Both these songs are really up beat and they stay up beat until song number 5, “Marry Me”. This song is slower, and he expresses about how he's in love with this girl who happens to be his best friend and she is marrying someone else. This song is so different from the first five, the beat and the story line. Song number 7 “Life Changes” is different from from all of these songs, he goes through his whole life. I think this song is placed here so the songs before this one was he was growing up, and before him and Lauren found each other. A little farther down the list number 10 “Sweetheart” is one of my favorite songs. In this song, he really expresses his love for one girl, and my guess would be that he wrote this for his wife Lauren. The last song on this album is “Grave,” and it happens to be my favorite song of his. This song was a great to wrap up with, its sweet and sentimental and you can tell he is singing this for the love of his life. He says “I might be 6 feet deep, but I'll still be loving you.” This song shows who he wrote this album for.
His 2013 album started with a hard guitar solo, and a catchy beat. The 2015 album also starts with  guitar solo but to me it doesn't have the country feeling. His newest album starts with a instumental catchy beat and makes you want to listen. This album is not quite like any other I've heard, this one takes you on a journey  or at least it feels like it. Although I don't feel as much of the country feeling that I felt in his first album.

. Teens and adults,  who like pop or country, would like it more because they listen to the lyrics and understand it more. And pop and country listeners would like this because it's on the verge for both. It's not super country, but it's also not really pop music either.

Monday, November 6, 2017

"Get out there, make it happen!"

Humans of Fortuna: FHS Alumni Ari Ananda

By: Liana Hetticher

Ariana(Ari) Ananda, a Fortuna High alumni has advice for future graduates. “My advice for the graduating class of FHS: Do what you love, and do what makes you really excited to be learning past your school education. Get OUT there. See the world, make it happen even if you think you don't have money/you should be getting a high paying job/being a responsible adult....it is possible. And the world is so much bigger than our sweet little Humboldt County. It truly is remarkable how much you can learn about other people, the environment, history, and culture by actually getting a taste of it. Whether that is going to China to climb the Great Wall, or just going over to Oregon to take a hike in an unknown forest, get out there.”

Ari studied Wildlife Conservation in college. Zoology is the scientific study of the behavior, structure, physiology, classification, and distribution of animals. This is also in relation to ecology. Ecology is the study of the relations of organisms to one another and their physical surroundings. In relation to those two sciences, there is Conservation Biology. This is the management of nature and of Earth’s biodiversity with the aim of protecting species, their habitats, and their ecosystems from excessive rates of extinction and the erosion of biotic interactions. Ari studied a mix of these three studies when she created her own major of Wildlife Conservation.

A few jobs one can obtain with these majors are environmental studies, working in zoos, or wildlife management area such as a national park.

Ari’s favorite thing about Humboldt County was “the small town vibe and the closeness it created.” She loved being able to roam free and not have the sense of worry.

Ariana’s two favorite places are Costa Rica and Tanzania. She enjoyed Costa Rica for its “biodiversity, sustainability, and the fact that the local people have come to see how these things can bring incredible tourism and help their economy, thus further fueling environmental protection acts.” Ari spent 3 months, working on a sea turtle conservation project and doing field research with bats.

She also enjoyed Tanzania because “it really caused me to think outside of simply being a tourist.” The role that cultural development plays in conservation also sparked her interest.
Seeing the wildlife that i had only ever seen on National Geographic come to life right in front of me as I camped out under the stars in the Serengeti is something I will never forget”.

Ari chose this career path because she’s always wanted to work with and help animals, but being a veterinarian just wasn’t a fit for her. “I fell in love with the science and understanding the wildlife, but also am keen on the fields of rehabilitation.” Although she isn’t certain of her near future, she knows that she will be working towards helping the wildlife in any way she can.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Major Traffic Accident and Injuries on highway 254

By Emily Smith
This morning at 4:02am there was a traffic collision on highway. When the vehicle crashed, it rolled causing major damage to the vehicle and causing injuries to the male, who was found on the shoulder outside of the vehicle. Police then requested an ambulance and tow truck.

The accident was labeled major by CHP, for the injuries of the person involved. The highway was closed but then deemed clear and reopened by 6:41am.

A Big Misunderstanding: it was a survival kit, not a bomb

Pauline Willing

On the 10/20/17 a women thought there was a “Pipe Bomb” in Fortuna 10th Street.
She called the police and they sent  the Humboldt Country explosive ordnance disposal team.
They tried to destroy it safely and then they found out that it was an homemade container used to carry survival items. The husband of the women who called the police left it there for a hunting trip.

So all in all, it was just a big misunderstanding and they made a big thing out of it. So nobody got hurt, but the resident had to leave his house and wait at the neighbor’s house. Neighboring residents were also informed.