Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Hwy 36 construction inconveniences travelers and workers

By Hailey Hipes

Highway 36 construction has affected people all over Humboldt County. Many people cross over 36 everyday, and a couple handfuls must cross over right where the construction is happening.

12 miles East to just over 16 miles East of Bridgeville is the area affected. It is closed from from 8-5 Monday-Thursday, and from 8-3 on Friday. The only time it is open is from 12-1 Monday thru Friday. This construction will last until November 1st of this year. This is a huge inconvenience to many people crossing over this area daily.

Zack Cook, an employee at Wright Tree Service, works 5 days a week which involves them going over 36 very often and sometimes running right into the construction. “I crossed over 36 very often this last summer and over deer hunting season, almost every weekend,” he told me. Although he was very aware that this was going to be happening through people continually talking about it, he still feels that “it’s stupid”. This also makes his job that much more stressful because if he isn’t done before the roads open for the hour, he will get stuck out there for the day.

This has clearly been a major inconvenience to many people, but hopefully, CalTrans finishes this construction sooner than later so the roads will be open like normal again and there will be no more stressing over it.

Homecoming parade comes together in short amount of time

Fortuna, California
Emily Smith

FHS celebrated Homecoming Week September 11-15, ending in a parade, game, and spectacular halftime show.

At our high school Fortuna High there is a very special week, one that celebrates competition, class pride, and most importantly togetherness throughout the school. Homecoming has lots of events including the Thursday Night game, lip sync, the traditional friday night football game against McKinleyville, which ended in a win for Fortuna, and the half time of the show includes the crowning of homecoming royalty, queen Haley Benbow and king Bailey Foley and also the show of the parades covered in christmas lights creating a beautiful display to end a great week.

Senior class advisor, Adam Pinkerton, said “while building these floats, ideas come in throughout the week and on average it takes 3-4 days” Which may not seem that long but with the limited amount of time, the class float rules stating “Floats must be built in the bus barns on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of Homecoming week” After the week of work and effort, the judging ended in Senior float getting first, Freshmen second, Junior’s third and Sophomores 4th.

First Humans of Fortuna: “Everybody has been very welcoming, I got into this for the community side of things.”

By: Liana Hetticher
Officer Lindsey Frank, born in Reno, raised in Sacramento before moving to Humboldt County when she was 25 is Fortuna High’s current Student Resource Officer(SRO). So far, she loves her job, “Everybody has been very welcoming, I got into this for the community side of things,” she says.

Officer Frank is not strictly Fortuna High’s SRO. She also spends time at the middle and elementary schools in Fortuna doing things with the kids. Such things include walking the track at Toddy Thomas Middle School as part of the 100 Mile Club, reading to kids at all the elementary schools, and helping out the students of Fortuna High. Frank is still able to be a patrol officer, which was her position prior to being involved in the schools. She returns to her previous position over summer break, spring break, winter break, and other breaks throughout the school year. If she receives a call and she is closer than one of the other officers, often times she will respond.

There are some difficulties that come with the job, but she is working through them for the benefit of the youth. Some of her difficulties are getting the youth to open up and trust her, most kids are guarded and uneasy because of her uniform. She is trying to help Fortuna’s youth open and up and trust her to help them when needed. One thing that Frank says is easier about the job is the schedule; although still fast paced, her schedule has relaxed a little bit. It is easier for her to get her own children ready for school in the mornings, she enjoys being home with them, whereas in her old position, she would often work the graveyard shift and be getting home as they are leaving for school.

Officer Frank has been an officer for 9 years. She started out in Ferndale, she was there for 5 years before transferring to Fortuna for the past 4 years. The things she enjoys the most about her job is the helpfulness. She enjoys being able to make a difference in someone’s life, she enjoys the variety of responsibilities from day to day. She doesn’t have to be bored, she can be as busy as she pleases.

Arts are Alive in Downtown Eureka the first Saturday of the month

Fortuna, Ca.

Benny Pavloff

Every month, artists and musicians from around the community get together and show off their work at ‘Arts Alive’. Arts is a gathering for new and old artists to get their name known throughout the county, some even come from out of the area. Arts Alive is held every first Saturday of every month and is located in the Old Town area of Eureka, Ca. Whether it be cool jazz played by a band in a coffee shop or a young boy playing classical music on his guitar, Arts has something for everyone.

A tenant who lived above the gazebo blew bubbles over the plaza while the sound of music bounced through the air, you could only barely hear the chants of the crazy dude with a sign warning us of the end is near. Hot dog vendors and food trucks filled the air with the smell of food and local charities were out fundraising. Arts alive is a very friendly welcoming place to be where you can meet new people, listen to new music, and drink some amazing coffee from Old Town Coffee and Chocolate ( probably my favorite part ).

Ross Hill Road construction

Fortuna, CA

Savannah Laloli

According to a letter dated February 6th, 2017, Rosshill Road construction in Fortuna, CA has the main intent of improving and making roads safer for pedestrians and bicyclists, however not also supporting a crosswalk to the Redwood Preparatory Charter School. The way planned to do this is by limiting the amount of lanes down to one, making the bicycle lane wider. Ross Hill Road is the main route in and out of the city to four different schools.

Huskyology Homecoming half time heartens town

Photograph by Issa V Photography

On Friday, September 15, 2017, Fortuna High’s annual homecoming game and halftime show took place. The Fortuna Huskies’ football team went against the Mckinleyville Panthers and took a win with a score of 34-16. Coach Mike Benbow of the Huskies said that the Fortuna High’s football team played very well. “I think that we came out and did everything they had planned on doing all week, and it was awesome to see so many kids participate and be apart of the win,” states Benbow.
Photograph by Issa V Photography

Along with the game, Fortuna High puts on a phenomenal show summing up their homecoming week. This show contains fireworks, a homecoming king and queen reveal, a giant burning F, a night parade with class floats and royalty riding in corvettes. This show brings the community together and makes Fortuna High School unique.

The halftime show takes a lot of time to prepare. What goes into preparing the show as Mrs. Coit, the coordinator of the homecoming halftime show, says is: royalty must be nominated, cars for the royalty have to be found, fireworks have to be bought and set up, the announcer’s script has to be written, there has to be runners to light the F and much more. After all this work, the show gets pulled together.
Photograph by Issa V Photography

At the end of the night, Bailey Foley and Haley Benbow were honored Homecoming King and Queen, the firework show went off, the giant F was lit, and the Huskies took a win. “I thought the show was almost perfect!” says Mrs. Coit. Fortuna High’s annual homecoming game and halftime show of 2017 really summed the excitement of their homecoming week.

Photograph by Issa V Photography

Sunday, September 24, 2017

New Recycling Program Saves Money and Helps Environment

Fortuna, California

Jarod Jones

A new recycling program has been established by two teachers at Fortuna High, Ms. Heavilin and Ms. Lynch. It is used to reduce the use of styrofoam and make steps to saving money and the planet. This was introduced this year and has helped us save money by reducing our load to the dump and getting paid turn in our recycling. In every classroom, there are 3 different trash cans or containers with signs on them letting them know what goes into what. The teachers are also pretty good at wondering if we are placing items in the right cans. The cans are collected once a week, putting everything in one area and then taken to the recycling all at once.

Ms. Lynch one of the people who created this program explained that the previous program wasn't fulfilling doing its job and a huge amount of styrofoam was going to landfill and her and Ms. Heavilin  goal was to reduce that styrofoam and other products to make Fortuna High school a more environmentally friendly campus.

Lynch says, “We have already had the need to order larger recycling bins because so many people are being mindful of the recycling process and utilizing the bins that have been placed in all the classrooms” The students of Fortuna are not only helping with this new program but it's also teaching them to be environmentally conscious. This program is also helping the school financially as it is less expensive to buy the trashcans then to take everything to the dump. If you are a student at Fortuna High and are looking to get involved, Lynch says, “We would love to have more students get involved with the recycling pick ups and the sorting process in the cafeteria. Students can sign up with me or Ms. Heavlin to get involved with the program. It can be as simple as donating twenty minutes of your time each week.”