Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Huskies put the smackdown on Mack Town

On Friday September 18th, the Huskies delivered a blow to McKinleyville with the defense leading the way. The Huskies shut out Mckinleyville until the 4th quarter, when senior QB Kyle S. connected with Brenden T. for a 24-yard TD pass. McKinleyville struggled against the Huskies defense all day. The Panthers passing offense only managed 159 yards in the air, a mere portion of what they usually average along with a 40 points per game average. Along with only 159 passing yards, the Panthers rushed for just 86 yards. The Panthers mustered out 393 total yards in the game with over 150 yards coming on kick returns and a 26-yard interception return.

The Huskies managed over 410 yards of just offense led by an explosive ground game. Huskies had over 310 yards on the ground with a plethora of people touching the ball. Dylan K. also had a solid game in the air as he connected a 43 yard TD pass with senior wideout Ryan W.
Churchman C., Victor D.L.S., Ben F., Ryan W., Nik L. led the way for the Huskies' scoring. The Husky defense also managed to sack QB Kyle S. 4 times with Ryan I. having two along with Victor and Ben each having a sack. Overall, the Huskies improved to 4-0 on the year, while the Panthers moved to 1-3.

The Huskies went on to beat Orland, Ca 24-17 and their next game is at Del Norte High School in a Big 5 matchup

The Panthers currently (1-4) roll on and take on their rivals Arcata at home. Both games will be at 7:30 on October 2nd.

Senior Bronson Macy enjoys reporting on sports for Modes of Writing.

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