Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Paulsen's The River takes readers on a coming-of-age journey

Gary Paulsen, a 1986, ‘88, and ‘90 John Newbery Medal award winner, with notable books such as the Hatchet series and Dogsong, grew up with a single mom. With  his dad being stationed in the Philippines during WW II, Paulson did not see his dad till the age of seven.When he got back to the states, he spent most of his time at his grandma's in minnesota; she was a major influence in his life.

Paulsen has many award-winning novels such as the Hatchet series and Dogsong. Dogsong being the best known book that Paulsen has written. Dogsong is a coming-of-age story of two teenage Inuits in the wilderness of  Upper Canada. Most of Paulsen's books are coming-of-age stories mostly in the wilderness.

We begin the story with a young Brian Robertson, only two years after his miraculous survival in the wooded lakes of canada for 54 days with no food and only a small hatchet to use a weapon and a gathering tool.The Canadian government wants him to go back to the woods with a psychologist named Derrick. Derrick choose the perfect lake, brought all the supplies, but when tragedy strikes and the unforeseen happens only Brian can save his and someone else’s life in the lakes and woods of Canada.

I would recommend the book to any young reader older than ten years old, I would also recommend for any age. This is a very good book in the Hatchet series. I would also recommend Hatchet the first book in the Hatchet series of books, This book will take the reader on a journey of spirituality, an uplifting ride, and of a teen becoming a man.  

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