Friday, October 2, 2015

Wanna Slytherin to Dumbledore’s Army?

The geeks of Fortuna High can rejoice, Dumbledore’s Army is back! They had the first meeting, where people were sorted, on September 22. You have two options for being sorted into your house or the online quiz or the sorting hat, which is random. New Slytherin members like Catrina R. and Anna S. are looking forward to many things this year, like the Halloween feast, the house meetings, and Quidditch. They joined because of their love of Harry Potter, like most of the members.  

Reva H. joined last year for the same reason and is now the Head of Slytherin house. Like Anna and Catrina, Reva is excited for Quidditch and the Halloween feast. As well as the movie night on November 12, which is one of the ways the club is funded. Reva sums up the club in four simple words, “Harry Potter is life.”

Melina C. enjoys Modes of Writing and also joined Dumbledore’s Army.

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