Sunday, June 12, 2016

Senior Wills for the Class of 2016

We're bring back a tradition from many years ago, senior wills!

I, Katie Murray, leave my love for FFA, positive attitude, and my love for our Class of 2016. We are the only class who hasn’t won a lip sync or powderpuff and to only have one dedicated class advisor who hasn’t left us, Ms. Thompson. I will never forget all the pep rallies, our amazing librarian Lynn and the crazy lip sync by Duey, Kausen, and Benbow.  

I, Bounthouy Vonglakhone J.R., leave my kindness, my family blood or not, and my friendships that I have gained throughout the years. These 4 years have been the best because of my friends and without them I would probably be nowhere. To my crew Caleb Pockett, Hannah Gregory, David Reed, Rachel Dias, and Sarah Vandendriessche from Belgium.

I, Sarah Quintrell, leave my love and appreciation to all my close friends that I have made this last few years. This includes Kitana Neller, Paul Gibbens, Julie White, Austin Cunningham, and Jephrey Catalan. I love you all, and high school would have never been the same without all of you. You guys are awesome, stay awesome!
I, Hannah Williams, leave my Sarcasm, Happiness, and my memories to my friends Sara Torres, Damon Linharess,Thomas Cramer. To all my friends who I have the pleasure of walking across the stage with, who are Jacob Torres, Saber Jones, August Brown, Freda Hauck and Kassie Andrew, thank you for sticking with me these years, I love all of you guys. PS, Sara please don’t forget the locker combination. Because I won’t remember that. So don’t ask me.

I, Geovani Huerta, oh never mind, I thought you get credit for this, but you don’t so I am going to work on other stuff.

I, Nicholas Ruf, leave my communist manifesto written by Karl Marx and Friedrich Englels, to any who see the true light of Stalin and Lenin. I leave my communist shirt to all those who wish to embrace the greatness of socialism. And I also leave my Army stuff to any of  those stupid enough to enlist like me, Patrick and Renner. P.S.Renner stop talking about it, you can’t defeat ISIS.  

I, Freda Hauck, leave my Neopets account to Hannah Williams because I know she won’t kill them like she did our love. Heh.

I, Lily MacMillan, leave my love for this school, and dedication to the FFA to my younger sister Sierra. I hope you finish your High School career never regretting a decision you make, enjoy it while it lasts. I will never forget all the fun memories with my classmates participating in Homecoming activities, traveling to Tennessee, Kentucky, Washington DC and New York. My last four years have been unforgettable and I owe it all to the Class of 2016.  

I, Luis David Ornelas, leave my passion for music production, hanging out, having fun and branching out to new people. I'm working super hard this year and the following years to become a well-known rapper and a dubstep music maker. It's been a long and crazy ride these four years. I've met a ton of people that are chill and others that are strict but in the end, where all one happy crew. I respect everyone and well, from the looks of it that's what I get in return too which is neat.  I feel blessed meeting everyone from the people I hang out on a regular schedule, to the people I barely know. I would appreciate it if we could hang out some days and kick back. I believe that everyone graduating this year will be accomplishing many big tasks that they might not even see themselves accomplishing. To the teachers that touched every senior hearts this  year please, don't stop doing what you do.  We learned a lot from you and I feel that it will help us in our future and the upcoming seniors. I hope you all will remember us as one of most unique graduating class to graduate by far.  My final words are these, follow what you love and don't stop because of what other people think, and just be the real you whether people like it or not.