Friday, October 9, 2015

New Theater Class at Fortuna High is full of drama

One of the newest courses being offered at Fortuna High this year is the theater class. Jared Ourique, the teacher of the new course, reported that there are thirty-four students enrolled in the class this year, which is a fairly large number of students. When asked how he managed to get the class to happen, Ourique said that he just asked students if they would be interested in taking the course and enough of them were interested.

Ourique explained that his love for theater came from his old classes in theater when he was in high school. He said that “Theater made me what I am,” and that it gave him the confidence to speak in front of others along with the friends he found there.

The class started off with improv in the beginning of the year, and they are currently researching different styles of theater. Ourique hopes to eventually have the class writing their own scripts, doing improv skits, and having performances open to the public. The place where class takes location is very fluid as well, as the class moves from C 4-5, the theater, and Ourique's normal classroom depending on what the class needs for that day.

Codi Oswald is a senior at Fortuna High in the Modes of Writing class. He is part of the Fortuna High Marching Band.

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