Friday, October 16, 2015

Sachar has no plot Holes

Louis Sachar was born in New York on March 20, 1954. His dad worked in the Empire State building. After high school, he attended the University of California, where he graduated with a degree in Economics. Before he graduated, he took a class at the University that made him a teacher’s aid. This class alone inspired him to write books that were intended for children. After graduating college, he went on to go to law school. He then became a part time lawyer and wrote at the end of his nights on the side. He is now retired, living in Texas working on his writing full time.

Other than Holes, which is intended for 5th- 8th graders, Sachar has written mostly children’s books. These books are mostly for grades 3-5 and are comedic and humorous but also realistic fiction. These children books include: The Wayside Stories, Funny Mud, A Flying Birthday Cake, and also a Magic Crystal. Other than his children’s books, he has written a sequel to Holes and the Survival Guide to Camp Green Lake. All these books came throughout his long illustrious book writing career.

Holes is a fictional account of Stanley Yeltnats’ life. Sachar uses informal writing to draw attention from young adults. He does this by shortening his paragraph size and also using slang that us teenagers can relate with. “If you don’t bother them, they won’t bother you.” He uses these literary devices to explain Stanley’s situation and how he got to, and made it through, Camp Green Lake. It shows his friendships created, the harsh living conditions, and how he finally makes it out of that hell hole.
This book goes through a brief period in a young boy’s life. He is found guilty of a crime of wrong place, wrong time. He is then sent to Camp Green Lake as a punishment to where he faces cruel and harsh conditions and also very rough camp instructors. He befriends one of the other campmates, who is generally teased and disliked by the others. This relationship turns out to be very beneficial for the both of them as Stanley teaches Zero to read and write. Zero has an itch to get out of Camp Green Lake and Stanley is having a hard time in these harsh circumstances.
This book would appeal to anyone who has an interest in fictional stories. I would recommend it to any teachers because it is easier for us to relate to it as Stanley is also a teenager. This book takes you on an adventure with lots of mishaps and wrong turns. I’m sure that anyone that reads this will be very interested and wouldn’t want to put it down because they would have to know what comes next. A surprise around every corner!

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