Sunday, October 25, 2015

Cheerleading: Now Being Considered a Sport

Clint Duey, principal at Fortuna High School, had a few thoughts about the new cheerleading rule decided by the State Legislature. His opinion on cheerleading being named as a sport is that he is very supportive of it and he thinks that is gives cheerleading the governance it needs.
The cheerleaders at Fortuna High do not travel to competitions and haven’t for a few years now, but he would be supportive of that idea if it ever came up. Duey believes that it will resolve issues and give cheerleading the legitimacy it deserves.
He said that, “Fortuna High has always tried their hardest to classify cheerleading as a sport.” He also doesn’t think this new rule will cause any conflict, but it is going to take steps for people to see that it is considered a sport now, and provide clarification of it.

Senior Kendall A. enjoys reporting and reading.

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