Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Homecoming wrap-up!

Huskies sweep the nation this year! Freshmen took us to New Orleans, taking third place in the lip sync show. Sophomores, this year's first place winner in lip sync and the spirit stick, took us to New York City with a fantastic performance. Juniors took us down south to Los Angeles with second place in lip sync and in cheer! Our Seniors took first in cheer this year but last in lip sync when they took us all the way to Nashville! Great job on the performance guys!

Follow up on powderpuff: Juniors win this year with a last-minute touchdown made by Jenna Christensen! Congratulations to the juniors and the seniors on a nice game!

The Homecoming football game went fantastic as well. Huskie varsity team took the win with the score 34-14. The band put on a spectacular field show where they got in a giant F and played the song “Let it go” from the disney movie, Frozen. A little boy marched out with the marching band and even got to play with the marching band during the song with a current band student, me, Layla Dias.

Float follow up: Freshman-4th place. Seniors-3rd place. Juniors-2nd place. Sophomores-1st.

Homecoming king: Ryan Isaacs.
Homecoming Queen: Gillian Borges.

Congratulations to all the classes this year!  

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