Friday, October 2, 2015

Fortuna welcomes foreign exchange students

Whether you have a foreign exchange student in your class or not, it is cool to catch up with them and see how they’re doing at your school. At Fortuna High, we have four foreign exchange students this year. 

One of them being Sarah V., a senior from Belgium. Sarah says she really loves the U.S so far, she has no regrets. She says that the U.S is very different; people are more open and generous. She says that the fundraising is amazing how people give money and they really care.

Sarah likes Fortuna High; she says it’s very different. There are electives here, which in Belgium they do not get electives. She says it’s very cool to see all the different electives, sports, and games we have at our school. She really likes cooking, choir, and her teacher, Ms. Heavilin. Don’t we all love Heavilin though?

She got into the Foreign exchange program by googling it. She thought it was very interesting, and she wanted to discover a new culture and meet new people. Her advice for people wanting to be a foreign exchange student is to always say yes! When people want to give you food or show you their country, always say yes and be very open minded to everything. She says, say yes to the travel, new ideas, and do as much as you can.

Layla is a junior at Fortuna High who enjoys writing and spending her extra time hiking in the forest.
Guadalupe is a senior at Fortuna High who likes photography and music. 

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