Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Fortuna High girls dribble into a new season with a new coach

By Bekah Sanderson
    Fortuna High School is welcoming a new girls varsity basketball coach this winter season. Jesse Genaro, born and raised here in Fortuna, has been coaching for six years and is excited to be a part of this Husky family, once again.
    Open gyms are on Wednesday and Thursdays from 6:45 to 7:45 for Genaro to get to know his players, see their skill, and to start building his team. Genaro says, “My philosophy is simple, unbrace and then impose your will. The process consist of things such as being on time, practice at full speed, and anything that will make you a better player, then you take all that and impose it on the opponent at hand. Know your role and be the best at it.”
  Taylor Murray, a senior at this high school, also encourages girls 9th to 12th grade to come practice and have a good time. Fortuna High is very fortunate to have a great new addition to the athletic program and prepare for a unstopable season!  

Saul Lewis named new baseball coach

  By Scott Sederberg
   Fortuna High baseball has hired a new coach for the 2016-2017 season. The new coach is excited to be apart of Fortuna sports.Saul Lewis was hired at Fortuna High as a new baseball coach. Last year Fortuna High made playoffs but did not win league. Lewis has been playing baseball since he was eight years old and played for twenty years. All his life, he's been around baseball and knows the sport very well. He has coached for ten years and this year will be his first at Fortuna High.
    Lewis is excited to start the season and he wants to help the team improve this year. When asked what his goal for this season is he said “to help players become fundamentally sound baseball players that compete on every play.” He is looking forward to seeing his players be great on and off the field and help them be successful.
    This year the team will travel around California playing local and out of the area teams making it exciting. The community and school is excited to watch them play and support the school. The season will start in the spring and continue to the beginning of summer.

Fortuna High Announces Possible Schedule Change

By Becca Parker
    The administration at Fortuna High is in the process of proposing a more effective school schedule. The Principal Clint Duey says the schedule will be more effective with the starting and ending of the many sports season. Duey says, “Many freshmen play fall sports which start before school is in session, to make it easier for them to come into a high school sport, we think that starting school the second week of August will be an easier way for them to have transition time into high school before beginning their first high school sport.”
    Tara Kajtaniak, a teacher at Fortuna High says, “The staff at Fortuna High has always been dissatisfied with the way the first semester ends after the two week break the school takes for winter break. So us as a staff think that it will be more effective if we can make the first semester end the week before we are released for winter break.”
    The proposed schedule is to begin school the second week of August and to end school somewhere towards the end of May. Many students are concerned that it will possibly interfere with the week of fair where they show their animals. But Principal Duey assures them that he will make it possible for them to still be able to show their animals at the fair. Duey says,  “I will provide buses to take the students who show animals to and from the fair, so they are still able to feed and care for their animals.” Duey also says, “This schedule change is still in the works and the parents and students of Fortuna High will know more about it at a later time.”  

Huskies prepare to dominate Wildcats in Milkcan

By Jordan Black
    The Fortuna High Huskies are strategically preparing for the annual Milkcan game on Saturday at 2 p.m at Ferndale High.
  The Huskies have won 3 of the last 4 Milkcan games trying to make it 4 in a row. Ferndale looks like the typical Ferndale team. They run the option and the veer. They find the weakness in every team and try and exploit them.But Fortuna is well prepared for the standard Ferndale offense. They have been studying film, focusing on each player doing their jobs, trusting and depending their brother to do theirs.

    “Well after our pre-season games, I think we are going to do well against them. If we do our jobs. I think we are hungry and I think that we are going to take it to them on Saturday,” said Mike Benbow.

Monday, September 19, 2016

School library has new books!

By Trinity Amador
    Lynn Owsley, the lovely librarian of Fortuna High, wants students to know how to check out      books. Owsley says that we get our books from many different sources, mainly Amazon. We get     our books in July and throughout the year. We have a lot of fiction and new authors in the library.  
    The majority of books are science fiction, fiction, and we have very few non-fiction. About 15-20 high school students check out books to free read,meaning willfully reading them for enjoyment.
   Owsley stated The Secret History of Wonder Woman was the best new book.
Other books now available are:
Stephen King, The Wind Through The Keyhole
Morgan Rhodes, Rebel Spring
Sara Raasch, Snow Like Ashes
Sara B. Larson, Endure

Brandon Sanderson, The Bands of Mourning

Senior Besanceney starts fashion club

By Emily Rose Robledo
    Allison Besanceney is a senior here at Fortuna High School and has been a part of the art department for three years. Besanceney is starting a new club at school, the fashion club. The club will take place sometime in September with Mr. Holmes as the supervisor. The club will be held in the Mr. Holmes room which is AB3. Besanceney  wanted to start the club so people could express their individuality. This meeting will be held at lunch time. Besanceney invites everyone who is interested in fashion or would like to express themselves to join in on the fun!
    Besanceney got into fashion, she replied, “In 8th grade I wore my brothers old Tony Hawk shirts and old jeans, I realized I wanted to make something out of the fashion field, so that’s why I’m dressed like this today.”
    Fashion to Besanceney is individuality expressed through clothing. “If you have a dark personality, then you might wear dark ripped jeans and combat boots, or if someone is preppy then they might wear their converse and creme colors. Color scheme can define who a person is.”
   Besanceney hopes to accomplish with this club, she said, “Your clothes and outfits should be a boost of confidence. The individuality and freedom to express who you are as a person...I want them to express themselves artistically.”

    Besanceney hopes to have many people join the club. She wants at least ten to start it off and hopes more people will join. Besanceney hopes to accomplish confidence within as many people as possible. “You don't have to be a photographer or a painter to be apart of the art world. My major in college will be based on fashion, which is an art, and I hope to accomplish a lot.”

Fortuna High readies for Lip Sync

By Kaitlyn Ashby
   Lip Sync is coming up in October and it is at Fortuna High in the Damon gym.
    The lip sync is all about grades 9th - 12th  competing and dancing against each other to see which one is the best, and you have one week to practice then perform in front of thousands of people who come and watch you. You will perform your dance for  Lip Sync on October 7th.

    According to Bridget Beaton, “ It is the best high school  experience you could have.”

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Fortuna's Farmers Market keeps growing

By Zalie Padilla
    On 10th street in Fortuna, a gathering has taken place every Tuesday for the past twenty years. This weekly event is known as the farmers market where farmers all around Humboldt booth up and sell their homegrown goods ranging from from freshly sealed jams to an array of leafy greens and vegetables that vary upon season. “The intent is not to only make money, but to have healthy foods be available and even celebrated,” says the market organizer and soap seller, Jamie Cohoon.
    The market not only caters to Fortuna but all of Humboldt County including Arcata and Trinidad with many of the same booth sellers and seasonal crops. Even with technology advancing in agricultural aspects, the strength this market has had in the community is only at an all time rise.

    Plans are in the making for the future of farmers market. They hope to one day have a more secure area to sell their goods, “perhaps a place with a roof and not so many cars zooming around us,” rants Cohoon.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A Club Worth Joining

By Jasmine Knostman

On the first and second Monday of every month, you can join the Interact Club at lunch in the AG department to learn about new community service projects and fun events that will help our school and the city of Fortuna.
Mattea Bertain, vice principal of the Interact Club, explained ways that the club benefits our school and community. Bertain explained about the good that they do to benefit the people of Fortuna such as making lunch for the owners of Green’s Pharmacy after their business tragically burned down.
When asked about the kind of community service projects they do, she responded by saying, “every year during Santa’s Sleigh which is a program that helps families in need around Christmas time, we partner up with the fire dept and wrap presents for all the kids that Santa’s Sleigh delivers presents to.” This program helps many families and helps them get the food and presents that they need to make their holiday special that they wouldn't get under normal circumstances.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Ice Rink will skate into Newburg Park November 13

By Bekah Sanderson
    On November 13th, a group of business owners and community members are bringing the Humboldt Ice Rink back to Fortuna at Newburg park, for family fun during the holidays.
    Dianna Rios, the executive director of the Fortuna Business Improvement District, oversees the six member committee. For a total of 8 weeks from November 13th to January 8th, Rios says “ The Ice Rink will be at Newburg Park, the same as last year although it will be a lot bigger.”
     If you are a community member looking to help, you can work shifts in the snack shack during skate season or businesses can donate money to offset funds of the rink. As of last year the rink had about 16,700 skaters and the goal this year is to reach 25,000 skaters. The Humboldt Ice Rink hopes to see you there!

Girls Soccer plans to sweep the season

  By Becca Parker
     The 2016 fall sports season is upon us. At Fortuna High the varsity girls soccer team is lead by head coach Kathleen Lynch who is hoping to win the first ever girls soccer league title by out playing league rival Arcata. Coming off a season’s 10-2-2 league record, they are hoping the new and old talent will come together and make a perfect 12-0 record. Beside Lynch, there are 6 team captains who are a big part of the team.
    “This year there is a lot of character on the team,” says Lynch, which takes a major effect during games. Lynch says each and every one of her players whether on the field or not plays a key role on the team. Lynch says that the biggest challenge for her as the coach is trying to find game time for the freshmen and sophomores since there is not a JV soccer league.

    Lynch and her team look forward to trying to secure the first ever league title for Fortuna High's girls soccer program. Out playing league opponents Arcata and Eureka will be the deciding factor in us doing that. Lynch says, “I have full confidence in my team this year, and think we will do just that.”

Over 70 FHS students exhibit at Humboldt County Fair

    By Scott Sederberg
    Samantha Sederberg, my sister, worked at the Humboldt County Fair where animals were shown and sold by the youth to experience being around livestock during the last week of August.
    The fair was a very successful event and produced lots of positive experiences. Over two hundred animals were there, and their owners showed them to win trophies based on showmanship and market. The owners worked with their animals all year with hopes of having great results at fair.  
    The fair brought lots of tourism to Ferndale, where the fair took place, and made a lot of money for the local businesses. The fair was two weeks long and is at the end of August. People from all over traveled to participate in this event.
    At the fair families could go on rides, watch horse races, view the livestock, and eat great food. Sederberg said “The fair is a very fun time for everyone.” There were events for all ages to enjoy and have fun in, and was a good time.

Fortuna Police's new dog catcher is a FHS alumni

By Holden Palmer

    Dalton Palmer works three days a week and catches dogs for the Fortuna Police Department, the first Fortuna dog catcher. He catches them with a catch pull, “or sometimes treats.”
  When he catches dogs, he mostly catches pitbulls. By catching them he usually uses a dog pull, “or sometimes treats.” After catching them he takes them to the Fortuna kennels located by Renner Gas Station off of the freeway. And finally, Palmer has never been attacked or hurt by a dog.   

Volleyball positivity may mean a winning season

By Liana
    The Fortuna High Huskies volleyball team of 2016 has a game, Thursday, September 8th. The volleyball coach made this season possible by giving her time to coach these girls. After interviewing a few of these players, they all agree that the coaching staff this year is exactly what the team needs.
    “There is a difference in the coaching this year,” says Amber Culbert, sophomore, “There is way more positivity and the main focus is on teamwork rather than winning.”
    When Shelby Doebel, senior, was asked how she thought this season would go after having played the first few games, she predicted that this season would be pretty successful. The Fortuna High volleyball team’s last couple of seasons were rough ones. This year they work more as a team instead of individually, compared to seasons’ past. Doebel agreed with Culbert’s remark based on the coaching staff. “Although winning is definitely the goal, the coach focuses on individual games and teamwork.”
    Paige Johnson, sophomore, has played volleyball for five years of her life. Johnson thinks that the two things the team really needs to work on is “communication and cooperation.”

Sun rises on last year for class of 2017

By Austin Willis
    All the seniors gathered on the Husky football field on September 2nd to watch the senior sunrise, as it marks the beginning of their last year here at Fortuna High. Jared Ourique was the leading staff member there and he had many different things to say about the sunrise. When asked if there was any way to make the Senior Sunrise any better, he responded by saying that he didn't believe so and that every Senior Sunrise is different and unique to that senior class and it reflects on their past years at Fortuna High.
     He described the feeling there as comfortable as he said that these are a close group of seniors that mainly know everyone else in there 2017 class, and that he also taught many of them during their freshmen year. The one thing that he would have liked to change during the sunrise was the actual sunrise, as it was a very foggy and chilly friday morning. When asked about Senior Sunset, Mr. Ourique expected that it will be a great time and a great way for the seniors to end their high school careers.

    Mr. Ourique had this final statement to make to the senior class of 2017, he said “Class of 2017, you put in a lot of hard work over the past three years, you have one more year so make the most of it and enjoy.”

Homecoming game will be October 7

By Tyler Hughes
    Students and staff alike are happy to announce the traditional Homecoming event will be continuing for the 54th year in a row. Ms.Coit is the official director of homecoming and considers herself lucky to be apart of it. Coit loves Homecoming because she is a fan of bringing people together and making good memories.
    Homecoming has been going on since the fall of 1961 and has been going strong ever since.Fortuna has such a strong love for tradition and hopes to see Homecoming keep going for as long as possible. This year the Homecoming game and dance will be October 7, with the JV game at 5:30 pm, the varsity game at 7 pm, and the dance at 10 pm.        
    ”It will be a deliciously fun theme,and a spirited good time for everyone who gets involved,” said Ms.Coit.
    Ms.Coit,as well as everyone involved in it, urges you to attend Homecoming and make great memories with friends at both the game and the homecoming dance, starting the first week of October as it has been for generations and will continue to be for generations to come.

Prom is for juniors and seniors

By Kitana Neller
September 9, 2016
    Prom is near the end of the year because it is considered one of the last things you do your senior year. Prom is also associated with spring and romantic settings, and part of what makes the night so special is getting dressed up in gown and tuxedos.

    Mrs. Raven Coit in the Fortuna English department knows about prom because she is the activities director at Fortuna High. At Fortuna High, like most high schools, proms are only for juniors and seniors unless you are invited by a junior or senior.  Coit said, “their is no venue big enough anywhere in Humboldt County for an all-ages prom.”

Senior input needed for Safe and Sober

By Nicole Shaffer
    Seniors of 2016 should come to the Safe and Sober meeting monday, September 12, 2016 at Fortuna High School to talk about the next Safe and Sober Fundraisers.
    The Safe and Sober Team would like to see more seniors at the meeting and to hear your ideas. Dalya Olea, President of the senior class has gone to many meetings but is very concerned about the lack of Seniors actually going to the meetings. “There is a lack of participation at this point and it's really important that our class gets involved,” said Olea.
    Vice President, Jennifer Tovar would also like to see more seniors getting involved with Safe and Sober. Olea and Tovar both brought up great ideas to get the word of to seniors about the meeting without having to go to the Safe and Sober Facebook page. “I think that putting it in the bulletin would be very beneficial,” said Tovar. There is a Remind 101 that is available as well for safe and sober updates but has been abandoned by the Safe and Sober team, leaving only the Facebook page as there way to be updated about the meetings. Hopefully, these problems with be solved quickly to help get Seniors more connected with Safe and Sober.

    In the next meeting, they will be talking about the next fundraisers. Some ideas that has been brought up is a fundraiser at Apple Harvest on October 1.

Music Department plans to fundraise at Apple Harvest

Apple Harvest Festival

By Julia Lowry
    Mrs. McClimon, the music teacher at Fortuna Union High School prepares for the Apple Harvest on October 1st, 2016 in Fortuna California on Main St. The music department started participating in the Apple Harvest in the middle of the 1990’s. Their booth is usually around 11th and Main where Greens pharmacy used to be.
    McClimon says “We make about 300 pies and sell them. We get the apples from Clendenen's.” The pies cost $12. They feel good about the Apple Harvest.

    It's a good fundraiser for the music department; the money goes to trips if they have one or to get new marching band equipment. So go and buy some apple pies from the Fortuna High music department and have a fun, safe Apple Harvest.

Fortuna High girls golf still looking for players

By Sam Betts
    Rich Barsanti, the 2016 Fortuna High girls golf coach, coaches the girls at Redwood Empire Golf and Country Club to help try to improve their game by teaching them new techniques.
    Girls Husky golf is played during the best, nicest weather of the year. The matches start at 12 p.m. once a week for the next two months. To get prepared for the matches, the girls practice Tuesday through Friday at Redwood Empire in Fortuna.
    The Husky team participates in seven matches throughout the season. The seven golf courses the team competes in are: Benbow Golf Course, Del Norte Golf Course, Baywood Country Club, Redwood Empire Golf and Country Club, Eureka Golf Course, Willow Creek Country Club, and Beau Pre Golf Course.

    The golf coach, Rich Barsanti, is now going on his second year of coaching. After speaking to Coach Barsanti  for his love for coaching he says, “getting to know the kids and seeing them improve is my favorite thing about coaching the team.” His love for the game and willing to try and make the girls better is why he is an amazing coach.

Fortuna Boys Soccer hopes to use rapport to win season

By Zane Zerlang
    The Fortuna Huskies boys soccer team plans on going undefeated in the 2016 season to win NCS championship five years in a row.
    The Huskies plan on completing the perfect season by working hard in practice. The coach, Daniel Holmes, has been working with these boys since they got into high school. After talking to Coach Holmes he said, “I’m trying to build a team that the whole community can rally behind.” After saying that he explained the team being so good is not all his doing, he says it is due to the great team chemistry, and the bond the players have.
    So far this season they are four and zero. They have had to work very hard, due to the fact that every game is very challenging. For some time now, the Arcata Tigers have been the Huskies rivals. Through their battles, they go head-to-head and the Huskies have always pulled ahead.