Friday, October 30, 2015

Modes Takes on the Amazonian Task of Making Money (and fails so far)

Modes isn’t shy of a challenge, and they’re proving that yet again. Amy Conley, the Modes teacher, has assigned a task that she hasn't done before. The class will be writing reviews on books of their choice and publishing them with the Amazon link. When a book that they have written about gets purchased, the class gets 15% of the purchase price as an Amazon credit to buy more books. Everything's running smoothly so far, except the class hasn't made any money. Yet.

But don't give up on hope, there's still plenty of time for the class to produce eye-catching reviews, and that's exactly what Conley expects to see. Posting these with the link supplies the class with money so they can purchase new books for the classroom. The lack of response isn't hindering the class in the slightest as they produce more well-written reviews on books that are well-loved. So why don't you take a look, you might find something you like.  

If Modes does earn Amazon credit, they will vote for which books to buy for the school library.

Melina, a junior, does the hokey pokey, but has yet to turn herself around.

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