Monday, October 24, 2016

Review: "American Honey"

“American Honey” by Lady Antebellum

By Bekah Sanderson

“American Honey” sung by the band Lady Antebellum is country anthem. As a band, drinking whiskey and having a good time they started a three person melody, making up lyrics with the sound of the guitar reminiscing on easier times of life.

This song is in the album “Need You Now.” While other albums, winning them several awards and being nominated for others. The band has won 8 grammy awards, 5 CMT music awards, 1 people’s choice awards, 2 Billboard awards and been nominated for over 128 awards. Their most famous albums are “Own the Night” “747” and “Golden.”

An inside on the song is that “American Honey” is based on the alcohol whiskey, that contains a little honey. The band knew it would be a perfect title to the song, while drinking it and singing but had it have the meaning towards the life of a girl.

The song “American Honey” is about a little girl growing up in small town “where the church bells ring and strong love grows” but as she was ready to get away and start her life, growing up wasn't as easy. She explains that she “Gets caught in the race of this crazy life, Tryin' to be everything, Can make you lose your mind I just wanna go back in time, To American Honey.” After listening to the song and knowing the meaning it is much easier to understand that she misses the summertime, drinking whiskey and being back to much simpler times.

I think that high schoolers and young adults who have experienced this same issues would really like this song. It isn’t exactly a upbeat dancing song, but singing and hearing the melody it is fun song to listen too.

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