Saturday, October 1, 2016

Measure E: Benefit or Drawback?

By Jasmine Knostman
    In November of 2016, you will have a chance to vote on Measure E, a prop that will decide whether or not to add .75% of  tax on anything sold in Fortuna. Erin Dunn, CEO of Chamber of Commerce talked about the benefits and repercussions of something like Measure E being passed this fall and how it will impact the community.
    Dunn spoke about how it will help the community in many ways.“It is there to provide extra police, it’s there to help with keeping up our parks, it’s there to help with all different kinds of things..” She also spoke about how if Measure E is passed we will be at the same level as Eureka and Arcata’s sales tax.
    According to Measure E’s facebook page, “A “YES” vote on Measure E will provide financial stability to the city and ensure that services not only remain at the current level, but can be increased as the dynamics of the city change."
    A major benefit of measure E is that it will help balance the general funds. For example, since funding has been cut, many city employees have been fired. This has led to Fortuna having a lack of gardeners for the River lodge, less police and many other important aspects that help our town be a safe and beautiful place to live.

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