Thursday, October 6, 2016

James Richardson joins social studies department

By Trinity Amador
    James Richardson is a new teacher at FUHS 2016. He says he likes Fortuna High a lot.
    Mr. Richardson is a football coach. There are no negative things he could think of so far. He teaches history for freshman, social science, world history for sophomores, and U.S history for juniors. This is his first full-time teaching job.
   Before he came to Fortunas High, he was substitute teacher for a year with kindergarten through 12th grade. He worked one-on-one with autistic kids. He's been wanting to be a teacher since the eighth grade. He definitely had an influence from having a few amazing teachers growing up. A majority of his family are teachers too. Richardson is the tenth teacher in his family. He feels that he should give back to the community.
“Education is key to success in the world.”

-James Richardson

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