Monday, October 10, 2016

The Steady Incline of Fortuna Arts

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By Zalie Padilla
   In the Fortuna High School’s art building featuring diverse art classes like Drawing 1 and ceramics, the dreams of advancing their building is becoming a near reality. However, the art building has a tradition of keeping the assigned art very open to creativity. “I like to make student connections.” says Daniel Holmes, one out of two of the art teachers.
   Over years of both Daniel Holmes and Keirsten Escalante working, they noticed the traditionality of art being swept out the door by modern art. Escalante sees it as a mild tragedy with her views that modern art has become lazy and less captivating. Holmes however, encourages different levels and  challenges in art. Whatever their opinions, they both agree that keeping up with how art is viewed is crucial for relating with the students. Holmes says, “The class is always fluid. It changes techniques and flow. I always try and keep it running smoothly.”

  While keeping up with the arts, they both have exciting plans for the art building and community. More art fairs and public art displays are on the way of this school year. They want coffee shops to keep their walls and shelves clear for the students’ divine art. Escalante has also worked with the school constructors on a plans that will be boosting the art building physical looks. The plans are realistically expected to take action over the course of the next five years.

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