Saturday, October 1, 2016

Hannah Gomez switches from intern to counselor

By Areli Silva
     For the year of 2016 at Fortuna Union High School we have a few new staff members. One of the new staff members is Hannah Gomez. She was an intern last year and is now officially a counselor at our school for all grades.
   She very much enjoys her job and is looking forward to helping as many students as she can. She counsels students and makes the right path for kids. She makes sure they find the right college and career related paths. She helps create their 4-year plans and talk about their future and recent grades, also about schedule changes or even if someone's having a tough day and they just want to talk, if they want extra support, extra counseling, tutoring and just things that fall along with those categories.
Gomez said, “Without a doubt it is the best job I could have asked for. The paperwork isn't to bad but the best part is working with the kids one-to-one. I want to find a better future for myself as well as everyone else.” She enjoys helping many people, mainly high school kids. She told me that she remembers back when she was in high school she had people there for her but didn't get any any extra support to guide her. She said, “There was no guidance for me. I felt lost and I don't want anyone else to feel that way. I want them to have support, so they have a path for the future.” She is one of many staff members that are very kind and spend their time making sure we have a brighter future.

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