Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Possibilities Given for Fortuna High Classes

By Cameron Schleef

Fortuna,California- As the upcoming years at Fortuna High breeze by we can only think, is there going to be any new classes or ideas of classes for the next coming years.

On Thursday September 29, 2016, Michelle Simmons;the records secretary at Fortuna High gave an insight on the upcoming new classes to come in the future years at Fortuna High.

The classes that are being considered in the next years according to Michelle Simmons was French and Sports medicine. Past classes might also return such as rural rec,weight training, and American history through film. This will give the students more options to become more academic in their school studies.

Michelle says the only way new classes and old classes can add and go away is that “It's just a matter of the course requests that are requested by the students.”

In her opinion, the classes that should be added include fashion design,and a computer class to get students up-to-date on today's skills in the real world.

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