Thursday, October 6, 2016

FFA looks ahead to a full year

By Sam Betts
    This years Fortuna High Agriculture teachers Mrs. Kleiner and Ms. Lovfald are looking forward to a fun, active, and hard working school year.
    The first FFA meeting of the year was held on September 20 at 7 p.m. and was a big success. It was held in the shop at the department and a total of one hundred and twenty two students attended. That is fifty three percent of the membership. This year seems to have a lot of active members which is good for the department.
    Although FFA is an elective class, it has plenty of skillful opportunities available.  It can increase leadership skills, provide opportunities to gain work experience, and make you a successful contributor to the society. Ag also provides your choice of different activities like conferences, competitive competition teams, and raising animals at the Humboldt County fair.  
    A new ag class has been added to the department, Agriculture Soil Chemistry. It is UC/CSU approved physical science course that meets the same requirements as any other chemistry class on campus. Kleiner, the teacher of this new course, "It prepares students for an agriculture career or ag major in college." This new course is a great opportunity for members enrolled in the ag department.

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