Saturday, October 1, 2016

Vice Principal and Student’s give opinion on dress code

By Liana

    After sitting down and having an interview with the Fortuna Union High School’s Vice Principal, Mr. Williams, and a student, Julia Lowry, about the dress code policy it was made clear by Mr. Williams that it will be upheld fairly.
     After a series of questions for Mr. Williams, he specified and elaborated the policy and how it will be upheld. Having been asked what caused the sudden change, he specified that how it is worded now is less offensive and less directed at specific students rather the High School as a whole. “...instead if having specific gangs mentioned or specific clothing that would match a specific gang, it was just changed to gang affiliated attire.”

    Williams made it known that more boys ignored the dress code rather than females after having been questioned on how he would approach a female regarding her clothing options. Lowry’s response to whether or not the dress code was necessary was aimed more towards people who don’t show respect for themselves or other by their clothing attire instead of people who understood the proper attire for a working environment.

    Miss Lowry was also questioned about what she disagreed with when it came to the dress code. “The dress code seems to be upheld more often with girls rather than boys.” was her response in regards to both the question and Mr. Williams’ answer on whether or not boys and girls were targeted equally.

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