Thursday, October 6, 2016

Jacey Spies joins social studies and English department

By Majesta Hibberd
Fortuna this year, and last, has had the privilege of hiring new teachers. Ms. Spies was interviewed last week and had a few things to say about the school and the students she teaches.
   When asked if she had any concerns coming in, she responded with, “I didn’t, I think that was the problem!” After that, she was asked about her expectations. Ms. Spies revealed she had high expectations for her student but in all reality, they weren't the best. They gave attitude and took advantage of her kindness. Now, however, Ms. Spies says they’re great and things got better.
   Even though there was struggles, Ms. Spies does like it here. Now, her only real complaint is bullying. She believes it should be talked about earlier in the year.

    Over all, please respect teachers and your fellow peers alike.

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