Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Dress up drive Homecoming spirit

By KK Ashby     
     Our school started doing dress up days for homecoming to show willingness to show your school spirit and enthusiasm throughout the week.The school started doing dress up days for homecoming week long before Mrs. Coit was a teacher. The dress up days create positive memories with fun and silly pictures.
   It makes Mrs.Coit very happy to see people positivity around school. At our school we have a spirit stick, and in order to win that spirit stick you have to have a good attitude and have a lot of people dress up for the days. The dress up days for this week is Monday: holiday,Tuesday: middle school fashion disaster, Wednesday: ocean day, Thursday: class color, and Friday :husky blue. So have school spirit and dress up for homecoming week!

“ Homecoming week is a happy memory and it’s inspiring to see that so many people dress up” - Mrs. Coit

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