Sunday, September 11, 2016

Volleyball positivity may mean a winning season

By Liana
    The Fortuna High Huskies volleyball team of 2016 has a game, Thursday, September 8th. The volleyball coach made this season possible by giving her time to coach these girls. After interviewing a few of these players, they all agree that the coaching staff this year is exactly what the team needs.
    “There is a difference in the coaching this year,” says Amber Culbert, sophomore, “There is way more positivity and the main focus is on teamwork rather than winning.”
    When Shelby Doebel, senior, was asked how she thought this season would go after having played the first few games, she predicted that this season would be pretty successful. The Fortuna High volleyball team’s last couple of seasons were rough ones. This year they work more as a team instead of individually, compared to seasons’ past. Doebel agreed with Culbert’s remark based on the coaching staff. “Although winning is definitely the goal, the coach focuses on individual games and teamwork.”
    Paige Johnson, sophomore, has played volleyball for five years of her life. Johnson thinks that the two things the team really needs to work on is “communication and cooperation.”

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