Monday, September 19, 2016

Senior Besanceney starts fashion club

By Emily Rose Robledo
    Allison Besanceney is a senior here at Fortuna High School and has been a part of the art department for three years. Besanceney is starting a new club at school, the fashion club. The club will take place sometime in September with Mr. Holmes as the supervisor. The club will be held in the Mr. Holmes room which is AB3. Besanceney  wanted to start the club so people could express their individuality. This meeting will be held at lunch time. Besanceney invites everyone who is interested in fashion or would like to express themselves to join in on the fun!
    Besanceney got into fashion, she replied, “In 8th grade I wore my brothers old Tony Hawk shirts and old jeans, I realized I wanted to make something out of the fashion field, so that’s why I’m dressed like this today.”
    Fashion to Besanceney is individuality expressed through clothing. “If you have a dark personality, then you might wear dark ripped jeans and combat boots, or if someone is preppy then they might wear their converse and creme colors. Color scheme can define who a person is.”
   Besanceney hopes to accomplish with this club, she said, “Your clothes and outfits should be a boost of confidence. The individuality and freedom to express who you are as a person...I want them to express themselves artistically.”

    Besanceney hopes to have many people join the club. She wants at least ten to start it off and hopes more people will join. Besanceney hopes to accomplish confidence within as many people as possible. “You don't have to be a photographer or a painter to be apart of the art world. My major in college will be based on fashion, which is an art, and I hope to accomplish a lot.”

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