Sunday, September 11, 2016

Over 70 FHS students exhibit at Humboldt County Fair

    By Scott Sederberg
    Samantha Sederberg, my sister, worked at the Humboldt County Fair where animals were shown and sold by the youth to experience being around livestock during the last week of August.
    The fair was a very successful event and produced lots of positive experiences. Over two hundred animals were there, and their owners showed them to win trophies based on showmanship and market. The owners worked with their animals all year with hopes of having great results at fair.  
    The fair brought lots of tourism to Ferndale, where the fair took place, and made a lot of money for the local businesses. The fair was two weeks long and is at the end of August. People from all over traveled to participate in this event.
    At the fair families could go on rides, watch horse races, view the livestock, and eat great food. Sederberg said “The fair is a very fun time for everyone.” There were events for all ages to enjoy and have fun in, and was a good time.

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