Sunday, September 11, 2016

Sun rises on last year for class of 2017

By Austin Willis
    All the seniors gathered on the Husky football field on September 2nd to watch the senior sunrise, as it marks the beginning of their last year here at Fortuna High. Jared Ourique was the leading staff member there and he had many different things to say about the sunrise. When asked if there was any way to make the Senior Sunrise any better, he responded by saying that he didn't believe so and that every Senior Sunrise is different and unique to that senior class and it reflects on their past years at Fortuna High.
     He described the feeling there as comfortable as he said that these are a close group of seniors that mainly know everyone else in there 2017 class, and that he also taught many of them during their freshmen year. The one thing that he would have liked to change during the sunrise was the actual sunrise, as it was a very foggy and chilly friday morning. When asked about Senior Sunset, Mr. Ourique expected that it will be a great time and a great way for the seniors to end their high school careers.

    Mr. Ourique had this final statement to make to the senior class of 2017, he said “Class of 2017, you put in a lot of hard work over the past three years, you have one more year so make the most of it and enjoy.”

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