Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Fortuna High Announces Possible Schedule Change

By Becca Parker
    The administration at Fortuna High is in the process of proposing a more effective school schedule. The Principal Clint Duey says the schedule will be more effective with the starting and ending of the many sports season. Duey says, “Many freshmen play fall sports which start before school is in session, to make it easier for them to come into a high school sport, we think that starting school the second week of August will be an easier way for them to have transition time into high school before beginning their first high school sport.”
    Tara Kajtaniak, a teacher at Fortuna High says, “The staff at Fortuna High has always been dissatisfied with the way the first semester ends after the two week break the school takes for winter break. So us as a staff think that it will be more effective if we can make the first semester end the week before we are released for winter break.”
    The proposed schedule is to begin school the second week of August and to end school somewhere towards the end of May. Many students are concerned that it will possibly interfere with the week of fair where they show their animals. But Principal Duey assures them that he will make it possible for them to still be able to show their animals at the fair. Duey says,  “I will provide buses to take the students who show animals to and from the fair, so they are still able to feed and care for their animals.” Duey also says, “This schedule change is still in the works and the parents and students of Fortuna High will know more about it at a later time.”  

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