Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Saul Lewis named new baseball coach

  By Scott Sederberg
   Fortuna High baseball has hired a new coach for the 2016-2017 season. The new coach is excited to be apart of Fortuna sports.Saul Lewis was hired at Fortuna High as a new baseball coach. Last year Fortuna High made playoffs but did not win league. Lewis has been playing baseball since he was eight years old and played for twenty years. All his life, he's been around baseball and knows the sport very well. He has coached for ten years and this year will be his first at Fortuna High.
    Lewis is excited to start the season and he wants to help the team improve this year. When asked what his goal for this season is he said “to help players become fundamentally sound baseball players that compete on every play.” He is looking forward to seeing his players be great on and off the field and help them be successful.
    This year the team will travel around California playing local and out of the area teams making it exciting. The community and school is excited to watch them play and support the school. The season will start in the spring and continue to the beginning of summer.

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