Monday, September 19, 2016

School library has new books!

By Trinity Amador
    Lynn Owsley, the lovely librarian of Fortuna High, wants students to know how to check out      books. Owsley says that we get our books from many different sources, mainly Amazon. We get     our books in July and throughout the year. We have a lot of fiction and new authors in the library.  
    The majority of books are science fiction, fiction, and we have very few non-fiction. About 15-20 high school students check out books to free read,meaning willfully reading them for enjoyment.
   Owsley stated The Secret History of Wonder Woman was the best new book.
Other books now available are:
Stephen King, The Wind Through The Keyhole
Morgan Rhodes, Rebel Spring
Sara Raasch, Snow Like Ashes
Sara B. Larson, Endure

Brandon Sanderson, The Bands of Mourning

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