Friday, September 18, 2015

Husky Homecoming is coming October 12-16

Everyone is excited for this year’s Homecoming. Raven Coit, Activities Director and English teacher at Fortuna High, says this year's Homecoming will be very patriotic and she looks forward to seeing everyone get involved. She has also confirmed that this year was going to be very high energy, and there will be a special surprise at the lip sync rally. 60 to 70 percent of the students at Fortuna High get involved with Homecoming week every year and Coit would like to see that number go up.

Another teacher we interviewed was Brooke Raven Sandberg. When asked what her favorite part of Homecoming was, she responded, “I love watching all the student excitement with lip sync, and the float building…” Brooke is looking forward to watching the students participate in all the great activities during homecoming week this year. 
Baily M., a freshman at Fortuna High, says that he is looking forward to watching the boy cheerleaders at the lip sync rally. That is his favorite part because he thinks it’s very funny. He plans on participating in all the dress up days and in lip sync as well. As for Thursday night football, Baily is rooting for the juniors to win.

Kathy S., a junior at Fortuna High, says, “I love watching everybody do lip sync.” Although she will not be participating in the classic and hilarious lip sync, she will be representing the juniors at Thursday night football, and of course she is rooting for the Juniors to win this year.

Ben P., a sophomore at Fortuna High,  says his favorite thing about Homecoming week is lip sync, of course. He plans to participate in float building, lip sync, and dress up days. As for Thursday night football, Ben is planning on the seniors to win. 

Guadalupe O., a senior at Fortuna High, said that he could not believe how fast the past three years have gone. “Being a Senior means like, yeah you are an upper classman and you’re going to graduate this year but I kinda don’t wanna leave. Like if I had an option I’d come back probably because I really like being around all the people and the staff; I like being around the school.” He says his freshman year was his favorite year for homecoming. Guadalupe tells us that the themes for homecoming have always been fun and throughout the past three years, his freshman year was the best. Guadalupe plans on participating in lip sync this year even though his schedule is very full due to taking tons of pictures that we’ll all be able to see in the 2015/2016 school yearbook. He is also busy with being in honors band and being the assistant drum major for the school’s marching band. He is expecting seniors to win Thursday night football, but as for our male cheer teams, he is rooting on the juniors. 

Homecoming week will be in October 2015. Thursday night football will be held on the Husky Field at 7 pm, and the lip sync rally will be in the Damon gym after. Homecoming night will begin at 5 pm for the JV game and 7:30 pm for varsity. Come and support your juniors in black and your seniors in blue.

Layla is a junior at Fortuna High School. She enjoys writing and making music in her free time.

Catrina R. is a junior at Fortuna High School. She likes to read and write fictional stories.

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