Friday, September 18, 2015

Large 2015/16 enrollment crowds classrooms

Large enrollment numbers in Fortuna High have caused overcrowded classrooms and complications in the schedule. Principal Clint Duey stated that the enrollment numbers this year in Fortuna High alone are around 890 students. That’s about fifty students more than last year’s numbers. The last time the enrollment was this high for the entire district was 2011. A lot of the inflation of numbers has to do with the larger than usual freshman class this year.

The numbers have caused many of the classes at Fortuna High to become overcrowded, and has made schedule changing more difficult than usual. Student schedules are harder to switch around this year, mainly because all of the classes are filled to the brim with students already.

The master schedule that Duey creates every year always has to start with the least amount of teachers as possible based off of the estimated enrollment for that year. The enrollment this year was larger than expected, so the schedule was not ready to accommodate all of the students.

Though the numbers have caused a bit of a struggle, the high enrollment is not all bad. Schools earn more money for each student that attends the school, so the more students that come to Fortuna High, the better. This money can go towards new programs, or existing programs that need more funding.

Codi Oswald is a senior at Fortuna High in the Modes of Writing class. He is part of the Fortuna High Marching Band.

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