Thursday, September 17, 2015

Fortuna’s runners start strong

Like other fall sports, Cross Country is very active. There are six league meets and three finals meets. Cross Country members go to many different areas, like their first meet will be located in  Santa Rosa.

Of course these trips cost money, so the members must earn money through fundraising, like the Rodeo Run for example, that raised quite an amount of money. Cross Country also has a jog-a-thon. They run around town supporting and representing Fortuna High School. They get together and do this for an hour or so, but before so they try to get groups to sponsor them. This is all part of the fundraising for trips and meets. Cross Country is a fun and great sport to be a part of.

The runners will run at least 2 miles every race, and the most will be 3.5 miles. They have a meet every week, either on Fridays or Wednesday.

Coach Josh Quintal spoke about how successful the program is. Due to the current coaches, there have been three students that have gone to state finals. The current coaches are Josh Quintal and  FHS math teacher Jen Hayes. They keep the athletes working hard at practice and school. Like every other sport, school comes first.

The athletes also look promising this year; they are energetic, enduring, got each others’ backs, and are also hard-working.

Donovan G. is a kind, honest senior runner from Fortuna High. He likes food, games, and hanging out with friends.

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