Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Back to School Night 2015 set for September 23

The Fortuna High School Staff invites parents to Back to School Night on Wednesday, September 23, 2015. Back to School night is an opportunity for parents to meet teachers and to hear an overview of the classes their student currently attends.

Each class session will last eight minutes, with five minutes passing time between each class. Class schedules and maps of the school will also be available in the main office if needed. Principal’s secretary Robin Eckerfield said, “I enjoy meeting the parents and giving directions.”
Eckerfield explained that the staff will be focusing on communicating more with the students’ parents.

Many teachers offer extra credit to students whose parents attend, an easy way to improve grades. Back to School Night is also a great way to get your parents more involved with your classes.

Back to School Night Schedule:
         Period 0 - 6:15-6:25 PM (Jazz Express and Leadership)
Period 1 - 6:30-6:38 PM
Period 2 - 6:43-6:51 PM
Period 3 - 6:56-7:04 PM
Period 4 - 7:09-7:17 PM
Period 5 - 7:22-7:30 PM
Period 6 - 7:35-7:43 PM

Additionally, seniors and their parents should plan on attending the senior meeting in the library after Back-to-School to go over deadlines, graduation requirements, and information for colleges.
Senior Parent Meeting 7:45 - 8:30 PM - Library -- Counselor Karla Austin will meet with senior parents to discuss college application procedures, scholarships, and financial aid, along with important information just for seniors.

Natalie N is a junior at Fortuna High School who enjoys her modes of writing class. She spends her extra time at the gym and hanging out with her friends.

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