Thursday, September 17, 2015

California drought affects local citizens

Gary Rotbergs of Scotia says that the drought affected him a lot because part of his job is hauling water, but there is no water to haul. He said that he doesn’t know of anything being done to help it besides rationing of water. There is a limited amount of water people are able to use, and some examples are: only being able to wash your cars and water your lawn two days a week for ten minutes. He stated, “For the most part, the people of scotia have been obeying the water use rules.”
Also he said that this drought has affected the community majorly, because there is no water in the rivers for fish to live in, and you're not allowed to grow a garden or anything like that because it uses up too much water. It’s also killing everyone's grass and plants because no one is allowed to water their grass regularly.
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