Thursday, September 17, 2015

Fortuna High changes staff

During this year at Fortuna High, there has been an assortment of staff changes including new teachers in classes such as Spanish, agriculture, history, and English. There are also two new guidance counselors this year, Hannah Gomez and Marina Oliman.
According to Principal Clint Duey, Fortuna High has hired Hannah Lovfald, a new agriculture teacher to replace Sandy Dale. Dale was involved in writing a grant for 4.5 million dollars that will link the agriculture science curriculum of fifteen Northern California High Schools with Shasta Junior College and College of the Redwoods.
Acrelia Alvarez is a new resource teacher that is replacing Michelle Roslosnik, who will also now be overseeing the Special Education Department. Steven Stockdale is replacing Ruth Dekat who has retired after 42 years. Jacey Spies is a new social science teacher to replace Mike Louv who has been reassigned to independent studies.
The newly added freshmen English teacher Elyse Dorman has taken on the challenge of teaching large classrooms of kids. Before Dorman transferred to Fortuna, she was previously a student teacher at Ferndale High School.  Angela Alvarado, the Spanish student teacher last year, replaces Jaime Montoya.
Fortuna has claimed its historical amount of kids this year, including a freshmen class of approximately 275 students, which according to Duey has been the largest incoming class in many years. So far Dorman has enjoyed her time at Fortuna Union High School and is very appreciative of the friendly staff here.

Jackson S., a Fortuna High senior, enjoys writing for Modes of Writing.

Drake B. is a Fortuna High senior that likes animals.

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