Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Guest poet: Nanci

Thoughts of Happiness

As thought sets in and fear is apparent
And yet reality is left opaque
With clarity gone, nothing left to take
All this “happiness”, no one to show it
A word of color, a world of such joy
Why then a sight so unfamiliar?
Anxiety, despair, familiar.
Emotion and reality a toy
Fear and darkness, unknown to all the rest
The image shown, peace and together
The constant gnawing of anguish, a pest
However still, a hope for the better

Feelings of Impossible Love

A love so distant, out of reach
Sad to many, curse to each.
Confusion packed and solution sought,
Voo-doo done, guard un-caught.
Witchcraft, sorcery, lies, deceit,
Sad to many, curse to each.
A love so terrible, mind overload,

As much alike, dark magic, dark road.

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