Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Poetry from guest writer Shalynn calms your blustery day


The winds blow softly
The earth is silent
The tears of pain disappear
The quiet is intimate

The cares vanish
The trees are still
The birds quickly hush
The quiet is intimate

The silent whispers begin
The confusion is shown
The relief appears
The quiet is intimate

The horrors of yesterday are gone
The comfort is valid
The invisible arms are felt
The quiet in intimate

Lost and Found

You stare out the window on the long drive.
Your discouraged, frustrated, in need.
You see some dirt, leafs, and a log.
You see a lake, brown in color.
You see profanity on signs along the way.
You see trash floating in the wind.
You see a man in rags, thumbs up, lost.
You see cars zooming by you, too fast, too loud.
You wonder where the beauty is.
How far do you have to drive to see Love?
How many miles until you see a mountain?
Dark trees without leafs surround it.
Leaning sideways in the middle of the growth.
You see an old wooden cross, about to fall down.
You see the sun create a spotlight on that cross.
You feel yourself smile, you feel peace.
You turn around and go home.


Imagine a wave, not too big, not too small
Imagine a rock, sturdy, so you wont fall
Now sit on that rock, and look at that wave
Look out on the ocean, your eyes spot a cave
Next to the cave is a whale, large and still
It doesn't swim away, looks as though it would never kill
The whale silently stays, as if it is watching you
It looks wise and kind, telling you what to do
It stays near you, the entire time
As silent and confident as a mime
The whale stays as long as you do
And in your heart you already knew
The whale was saying one thing, in its mind
You can make it through all days, of any kind

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