Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Deltuna Band

The Deltuna band is back! On Friday, November 6, The Fortuna High marching band teamed up with the opposing team’s marching band from Del Norte. Audrey McCombs, a student teacher at Del Norte High and also a substitute teacher at Fortuna High, came down with the band as well; You may know her as Master Tuba!

Audrey was a long-term sub for the Fortuna High marching band last year while Dr. McClimon was on maternity leave. She has currently taken a position as a student teacher at Del Norte High for their outstanding Marching Band.

The two bands came together at around 4:00 in the afternoon on Friday where they socialized, ate a fantastic dinner together, and played music! Del Norte even marched out with the Fortuna High Marching band as well, and they followed them, to the Husky side of the field and played the National Anthem; the performance was stunning.

Also, congratulations to the Fortuna High marching band on their field show performance, conducted by Kokko F. and put together by Tara S.. The band opened up with the classic song, "What is love" by Haddaway; the second song was from the Disney classic, Frozen. They closed with an all time favorite, the Rocky Mountain theme song, "Gonna fly now."         

Layla Dias is a member of the Fortuna High marching band and she plays quads (multi-tenor drums).           

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