Sunday, March 5, 2017

Report cyberbullying!

By Holden

Many Americans around the world are abused and cyberbullied every day. About 28 percent of students between 12-18 are bullied at school. Most of my information I aimed for kids between 10-15 years of age. There are many innocent kids taking their life because one person who decides to ruin their life and bully them. This needs to come to a stop. There are many websites, buildings, and overall help to cure being bullied. It takes a strong, healthy dedicated person to overcome being cyberbullied.

The main reason I believe that  bullies are out there because of social media. These apps are a escape route for bullies to abuse one another instead of saying it to their face. Also it's so easy for a bully to log on to social media and troll someone because of the easy access. Also, in my opinion, kids under 10 years of age should not be allowed on social media apps. Apps such as Yik-Yak, Afterschool, Whisper, are the main apps trolls cyber bully  go on and get away with it because most of the kids on these apps are around 10-15 years of age. Therefore, adults and other older people are not on these apps to see what's is really going on.

If you decide to let your kids have any social media apps you should check their social media for them, protection making sure there is no bullying going on online. A few clues are to ask them where they're going, what they're doing, and who they are doing it with. Also ask for their password, and tell them you'll only use in case of an emergency. Finally encourage your kids to tell you if they know anyone being cyberbullied. These simple key facts can keep your children safe, and still have the ability to use social media.

I believe cyber bullying is a crime. There are many laws out there that should be enforced more. And I believe that cyberbullying should be the main one. Not enough law enforcement detectives break down on this situation and take control. There are people losing their lives over this horrible situation. “Too many women have had their lives upended by the threats and harassment they have received online, and they often feel they have nowhere to turn for help,”says Clark.
I also believe in the report button on social media. If you allow your kids to be on social media make sure you teach them to use the report button. This simple button can be the difference between life and death. Although there are times where this button can potentially do nothing. But if you hit this button you have done your part by showing and caring about one another's life. “Even if you block someone, you can still be mentioned in caption and comments with your username.”  

Being on social media as a younger generation, leaves me as an example to set with younger kids coming into social media. I can help by putting my positive feed to younger kids on Twitter and other assessable apps. If I was a younger kid going into social media I would want help and positive feed for someone to give me advice and experience on social media.

In short, don't be little jerks. In life, kids like to talk big over social media to one another, but when coming into person they try to act buddy buddy with the guy who they had beef with.       

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  1. I think it's great you want to try to connect with young kids about cyber bullying. I was very surprised by the 28% of kids get bullied in high school. I like how you want to make the report button have more meaning, but how would you make that happen? I'm sure there are thousands of posts being reported everyday