Wednesday, March 29, 2017

No more anonymous apps marketed to teens!


Here are some anonymous apps that mostly teenagers use to cyber bully or cyber harassment is Yik-Yak, Whisper, Fire chat, After school, burn book ,Kandid, Memo, Anomo, Psst! Anonymous, WUT, and Truth. These websites are encouraging  the cyber harassment  and much more. And I also feel like these app creators should get sued or they should be liable for kids on these apps. So if a child gets in trouble the app creator should get in trouble for creating it.
As this image shown on yik yak  an anonymous person is calling girls at a  school a vulgar  name and this is why you,, the app creator should not create apps like this. Yes, i understand cyberbullying was already a problem because it goes on at schools, neighborhoods, social media or even at home but now it's an even bigger problem because people like you want to make apps like this and you basically encourage them to cyber harass or bully kids at school. And once they get into school everyone is talking about them and downloading the app  that's when it all begins.

For example at my school there is now a app called “after school”  and the school had to put a blockade on it so kids coulnt use it because so many people were getting bullied. The reason kids want to get on websites like the ones listed above is to talk to their friends with adult in the room or post opinions without having a label on them. The adults could delete the app or they could ground them or even maybe they restricted them from internet but the kids can still find a way to post bad things on theses website that's another reason why we shouldn't have theses apps. These apps are really bad and if someone gets hurt or tries to hurt someone i feel that you should be held accountable for losses or injury because these apps are the reasoning for it. I also feel like the app creators should get sued or something because no one gets blame when someone commits suicide because they are getting bullied on theses apps and they get to that point.

Have you even know what it's like to lose someone by suicide from cyber harassment ?  4500 commit suicide each year and that number is very high and which is another reason why we should get rid of it. We need to get the numbers down for suicide from cyber bullying. On this website cyber bullying   i found out that 81 % of teens say bullying online is way easier to get away with so if kids use anonymous apps that you are creating it's easier to get away with then instead of doing it at school, or social media, or even in the neighborhood.

When apps creators like yourself create chat rooms like this cause way more bigger problems for us trying to make the cyber bullying and harassment stop or make it a lesser problem in this world. I feel like parents should also have provisional eyes on their kids phone for these chat rooms so that can’t cause problems or prevent it from happening it to their kid. There was this girl her name was megan Meier and she hang herself in her bedroom closet for the reasoning because she was on chat rooms like you create and you need to fix them and remove them. You making them just for them money is cause people all around the world like Megan to commit suicide. So if you think money is more important than a life then you need to reevaluate people's life. I feel like you should make apps that teens will love that won't involve in cyber bullying and that you should think if there is any way there could be  possibility of your app causing someone to hurt themselves. Don't make the apps like yik yak or after school cause it's just asking for trouble. If i were to make an app for teens i would make it where you can speak your mind and don't de discriminated from your thoughts and if so did their would be harsh consequences or they would be blocked from using the websites. You need to make this change because if you don't it will just keep happening and eventually you will get sued and then no one will even go to the anonymous apps.  

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