Sunday, March 12, 2017

Bullying: Things to know

By Sam

The international problem that is increasing tremendously daily throughout our nation is the act of bullying. To be a bully means to use superior strength or influences to intimidate someone, typically to force him or her into doing something you the bully wants. Bullying is a huge problem and is spreading rapidly throughout the United States. In 2014 49% of children ranging from 4th grade to 12th grade reported that they had been bullied within the past month. However, 30% of children ranging from 4th to 12th grade reported that they have bullied others within the previous month.(“Facts About Bullying”) Social media also play an immense part in bullying, being that 43% of teens have been bullied online and 1 in 4 have been bullied on more than one occasion.
Children are bullied every single day and many times we are sometimes blinded by the fact and see past it. This point of issue needs to stop, we need to become more aware of the situations in order to put an end to bullying forever.

One way that bullying is seen in action is at school, 77% if school children have reported that they have been bullied. To add on to the horrific feeling of being bullied, what do you think it would be like if you tried to get help and tell somebody and they just kinda brushed it off their shoulders and do nothing so the situation gets worse? A very unfortunate  and sad thing is that 85% of reported bullying cases do not get solved, and the teachers do nothing about it at all.Because of the sky high numbers of bullying victims just keep increasing, recently school across the United States have created school groups to reinsure that children and teens know that they are not “worthless, ugly, fat.” and that they are strong,independent, and will make it through it. Schools also have counselors available for children to talk to and report bullying to. However, school isn’t the end of it for many of the children it continues even when they get home.

The most popular form of bullying is called “cyber bullying” a form of bullying through social media. I believe that this is the most used way of bullying because it’s behind a screen and a lot easy for most people to say stuff through a computer screen than to somebody's face. But I don’t think that many bullies get that something you put on the internet is their forever, so many bullies will post a ugly picture of some kid doing something “funny” and just mean to leave it on for a couple minutes or so but don”t understand that the picture will never really be deleted. Cyber bullying is actually illegal and the victims are able to press charges against the bully or, the bullies family. A poll was taken and about half of young teens had reported as being cyber bullied and 20% of the teens are cyber bullied on a day to day basis. 72% of the victims have been bullied because of their looks, 26% are being chosen to be bullied because of their race and religions.

There are millions of solutions to help prevent bullying and yet it is still such a extremely huge problem in today's world. One way to help prevent bullying is to tell someone, although you may believe that telling someone will not change anything  at all and if anything will make it worse or if you have told someone such as your teacher and nothing has changed, tell you mom, a counselor, a sports coach, tell anyone and the number one thing not to do is keep it all in. it is most important to let it out. Another solution is if you see someone being bullied go up to them and just be there friend and insure them that it will be okay. Bullies often bully because they think that it makes them “Cool” and  they do it for attention, if you stand up against the bully and are on the victims side it could show the bully that they are hurting others. The absolute number one rule is to not ignore it, ignoring it is almost as bad as being the bully yourself. If you see someone getting bullied do something about it.

Bullying is a worldwide problem and is sadly only increasing. We need to be the generation to end this horrible act that is so popular in our everyday lives.  The two main forms of bullying are verbal which usually occurs at school and cyber bullying which occurs online. The numbers of bullying victims are too high and we need to start decreasing them. If you see someone being bullied make sure you either one tell someone or two go talk to them. The problem will never be solved unless we take it upon ourselves to put an end to bullying.

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  1. I had no idea that bulling was such a common thing in schools. I would like to see more people looking into bullying reports. I think if more reports got followed through with kids would be more reluctant to bully. The more and more we crack down on bullying the less there will be.