Wednesday, October 4, 2017

First Humans of Fortuna: “Everybody has been very welcoming, I got into this for the community side of things.”

By: Liana Hetticher
Officer Lindsey Frank, born in Reno, raised in Sacramento before moving to Humboldt County when she was 25 is Fortuna High’s current Student Resource Officer(SRO). So far, she loves her job, “Everybody has been very welcoming, I got into this for the community side of things,” she says.

Officer Frank is not strictly Fortuna High’s SRO. She also spends time at the middle and elementary schools in Fortuna doing things with the kids. Such things include walking the track at Toddy Thomas Middle School as part of the 100 Mile Club, reading to kids at all the elementary schools, and helping out the students of Fortuna High. Frank is still able to be a patrol officer, which was her position prior to being involved in the schools. She returns to her previous position over summer break, spring break, winter break, and other breaks throughout the school year. If she receives a call and she is closer than one of the other officers, often times she will respond.

There are some difficulties that come with the job, but she is working through them for the benefit of the youth. Some of her difficulties are getting the youth to open up and trust her, most kids are guarded and uneasy because of her uniform. She is trying to help Fortuna’s youth open and up and trust her to help them when needed. One thing that Frank says is easier about the job is the schedule; although still fast paced, her schedule has relaxed a little bit. It is easier for her to get her own children ready for school in the mornings, she enjoys being home with them, whereas in her old position, she would often work the graveyard shift and be getting home as they are leaving for school.

Officer Frank has been an officer for 9 years. She started out in Ferndale, she was there for 5 years before transferring to Fortuna for the past 4 years. The things she enjoys the most about her job is the helpfulness. She enjoys being able to make a difference in someone’s life, she enjoys the variety of responsibilities from day to day. She doesn’t have to be bored, she can be as busy as she pleases.

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  1. I feel that our campus is more safe with officer frank around. I think she fits in great having her own kids and finding new ways to get people to open up.